Staff Advisory Council

March 23, 2010

Attendees:  Amanda Bell, Greg Bohach, Karen Brasher, Barbara Curry, Keith Daniels, Sherry Fisackerly, Deborah Huffman, Marie Jeffries, Dinah Jenkins, Linda Jenkins, Lisa Noffsinger, Linda Perry

  • Dr. Bohach welcomed the Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine (DAFVM) members of the Professional Support Staff Advisory Council (PSSAC) and introductions were made.  There was a brief explanation on the history of the group being established previously to maintain effective lines of communication between division administration and staff.  The group has not recently been active but after discussion, it was decided that quarterly meetings with the vice president would be mutually beneficial.  Membership terms will be the same as PSSAC membership, which is three years with rotations taking place in July of each year.
  • Lisa Noffsinger, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, will take minutes at the meetings and distribute them electronically to all DAFVM staff.
  • Discussion was held concerning the Select Committee on Efficiencies and Innovations (SCEI) report.  There was some concern about merging various departments, the Colleges of Forest Resources and Ag and Life Sciences, etc.  There are different models/restructures being considered as far as MSU Extension Service is concerned.   Dr. Bohach indicated that no firm decisions have been made at this time and both he and President Keenum are neutral at this point.  There are many factors involved such as the retirement option, needs, and people-friendly solutions. 
  • Discussion was also held concerning budget cuts for FY12.  There is an overall 23% cut for DAFVM which totals $18M and is an extra 1.5% from what was expected.   There was a question of whether 9½% of that cut might be restored but Dr. Bohach explained although there is a chance, it could be taken away again.
  • There was a question brought up about a possible hiring freeze after April 20.  Dr. Bohach was not aware of a hiring freeze but discussed the PERS required delay in hiring back retirees to fill some positions.  There is currently a 45 day wait but if legislature passes it will be a 90 day wait before a retiree can be rehired.
  • Dr. Bohach is optimistic about the priorities/changes in the DAFVM:
    • CFR/CALS merger
    • MSUES restructure
    • MAFES Director search
    • Identify research priorities:  health, water, energy, biotechnology
  • The next meeting will be scheduled in June.  Meeting adjourned.
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