Southern Administrative Heads
Conference Call
November 29, 2016

Participants: Greg Bohach, Gary Lemme, Nancy Cox, Jack Payne, Mark Hussey, Mark Cochran, Sam Pardue, Paul Patterson, Bob Godfrey, Joe Culin, Tim Cross, Eric Young

  1. Southern region joint meeting in 2018 – Mark Hussey and All
    1. Motivation for southern joint meeting is to periodically bring together all functions in all LGU institutions in the South every 3 to 4 years
    2. Propose to try it once and see if it’s successful and then decide to repeat or not
    3. How does this fit with the S-AHS intention to meet with SAAESD and ASRED every other year?  This meeting would replace that one.
    4. In the past, the regional joint meeting had too much time in separate meetings and not enough time all together.
    5. Should have at least one entire day in joint session with an agenda that’s of interest to all functions
    6. Could schedule the joint day in middle of week, then groups could have separate meetings before and/or after that day.
    7. This meeting would include both 1862 and 1890 institutions and southern CARET delegates
    8. Need to appoint a task force to expand on the concept and begin planning
    9. Should stick with the SAAESD/ASRED joint meeting schedule, so first regional joint meeting would be in spring 2019
    10. Motion to approve moving forward with planning a region-wide joint meeting.  Cochran/Hussey – Approved unanimously
    11. Eric will talk with the southern EDs and Wendy and Eddie to get their thoughts, concerns, suggestions on this idea, and then it will be discussed at the S-AHS winter meeting on Feb 6 in Mobile, AL

  2. Renewal of part-time Executive Director contract (Accomplishments handout) – Greg Bohach
    1. Greg, Nancy, and Mark C. met with Eric at the APLU conferenced in Austin and discussed his past year as part-time ED for the S-AHS
    2. Everyone was happy with the accomplishments, type of activities, and time commitment involved
    3. Motion to approve renewal of Eric’s contract with Univ of Ark for another year with no change in terms & conditions.  Payne/Pardue – Approved unanimously

  3. Federal Budget items
    1. “Single ask” for six priority lines – Greg Bohach
      1. Cornerstone and the BAC has proposed that we have a “single ask” for the system’s six priority NIFA budget lines
      2. This is NOT a consolidation of lines, only a consolidation of the total new funding for all six of those lines in order to simplify the message to Congress
      3. Appropriators will still appropriate funds to each of the six lines as they see fit, however the system will recommend a particular distribution scenario
      4. Need to be sure appropriators are comfortable with this approach
      5. Need to ensure it won’t result in capacity funds being moved into AFRI
      6. Cornerstone is currently working on the process to help appropriators distribute the funds as the system requests
      7. Biggest risk is that all the increase will go to AFRI, which is what’s happening now anyway

    2. Consolidation of small NIFA lines – Greg Bohach
      1. CLP made a recommendation to examine the potential for consolidating some of the small NIFA budget lines and an ad hoc committee has been formed to study this
      2. Cornerstone is currently looking into which lines make sense to consolidate based on their authorization language and purpose
      3. Their recommendation will go to the committee for discussion and subsequent recommendations to CLP

  4. Other agenda items
    1. Jack pointed out a conservative group’s web site that contained a “watch list” of faculty who they considered too liberal and/or anti-American
    2. The web site is maintained by Turning Point USA and the URL is
    3. This information was sent out to the S-AHS by email right after the call ended