DAFVM Faculty Senate


September 9, 1999 Regular Meeting
Time: 12.45 p.m.
Place: Billie Nowlen Conference Room Lloyd Ricks

Senate Membership
Belli, Boyd, Brook, Chen, Columbus, Cox, Deeds,Demaris, Ebelhar, Ezell, Hague, Hood, Hovermale, Hudson, Ingram, Jack, Kizer, Linford, Malone Phillips, Nebeker, Schneider, Snipes, Spurlock, Starks, Thompson, To, Varco, Waldhalm, Walker, Willeford, Wang, Winter, Zuercher

Absent excused
Brook, Demarias, Exell, Hood, Hovermale, Hudson, Linford, Starks, Winter

Absent unexcused
Belli, Chen, Columbus, Hague, Schneider, Snipes, To, Varco, Zuercher

Division Administrators
Lee, Brown, Fox, Karr, Tompson Watson

**A quorum was not present so no official meeting was held**

1. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

2. Guest Comments
Dr. Danny Cheatham represented Vice President Lee and talked about several items including Dr. Lee's desire to meet with all departments and units in the near future to meet individuals and to listen to faculty concerns. Cheatham also addressed the committee that was being formed to look at the consulting leave policy. Dr. Bob Rogers will chair the committee. He also indicated the motor pool concept would be delayed a year.

3. Chair Report
The chair reported attending several division council meetings and that Brown and Watson had been contacted about surveying their faculty about tenure versus no-tenure appointments.

Steve Demarias was the only senate member that requested to be on the Committee to review the policy on outside employment. He was appointed to represent the Senate.

4. Vice Chair Report-Vice Chair

5. Robert Holland Faculty Senate Report

6. Official Consideration of New Recommendations

7. Standing Committee Reports

8. Unfinished Business

9. New Business

10. Adjourn


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