DAFVM Faculty Senate


November 11, 1999 Regular Meeting
Time: 12.45 p.m.
Place: Billie Nowlen Conference Room Lloyd Ricks

Senate Membership
Belli, Boyd, Brook, Chen, Columbus, Cox, Deeds,Demaris, Ebelhar, Ezell, Hague, Hood, Hovermale, Hudson, Ingram, Jack, Kizer, Linford, Malone Phillips, Nebeker, Schneider, Snipes, Spurlock, Starks, Thompson, To, Varco, Waldhalm, Walker, Willeford, Wang, Winter, Zuercher

Absent excused
Boyd, Cox, Ezell, Hudson, Jack, Willeford, Winter

Absent unexcused

Division Administrators
Lee, Brown, Fox, Karr, Tompson Watson

1. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

2. Guest Comments
Dr. Charles Lee made comments to the senate.

He indicated that he was meeting with all departments and units in the division before settings his goals and agenda for the division. He spoke in general terms concerning the funding requests and outlined the procedures being followed to make the requests. He indicated that policy makers seem to be supportive of higher education and of the division an important economic catalyst for the state.

Dr. Lee indicated he wanted his relationship with the DAFVM Senate to be a two-way street, in that he would alert us to coming issues and request our input through committee recommendations or through the chair at division council meetings.

In response to questions Dr. Lee indicated that President Portera did not want to harm education and research programs through the sale of vehicles. There is a procedure in place to request new vehicles through unit leaders. If there is appropriate justification for the vehicle purchase it will be approved.

Dr. Lee has been asked to chair a committee to review Forbes Magazine research indicating the Mississippi State University has the highest Staff/Faculty ratio in the state. Dr. Cheatham is assisting with doing a matrix for the division and determining how the data was derived in the first place.

3. Chair Report
The chair reported attending several division council meetings with no issues of importance to the faculty at this time.

4. Vice Chair Report-Vice Chair

5. Robert Holland Faculty Senate Report
No report

6. Official Consideration of New Recommendations

7. Standing Committee Reports

Steve Demarais the senate representative on the consulting leave and outside employment policy review committee indicated that the recommendation going forward on Nov. 15 currently included a recommendation for no more than 5 consecutive days per month with a total of 24 per year for 12 month employees.

8. Unfinished Business
Deeds reported that the Report of the Ancillary Affairs Committee related to consulting leave was approved by e-mail vote and was forwarded to the committee appointed by Dr. Lee.

9. New Business

10. Adjourn

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