DAFVM Faculty Senate


March 16, 2000 Regular Meeting
Time: 12.45 p.m.
Place: Dorman Hall Room 321

Senate Membership
Belli, Boyd, Brook, Chen, Columbus, Cox, Deeds, Demaris, Ebelhar, Ezell, Hague, Hood, Hovermale, Hudson, Ingram, Jack, Linford, Looken, Malone Phillips, Nebeker, Schneider, Snipes, Spurlock, Starks, Thompson, To, Varco, Waldhalm, Walker, Willeford, Wang, Winter, Zuercher

Absent excused
Ezell, Hovermale, Ingram, Malone-Phillips, Ebalhar, Starks, Willeford, Winter

Absent unexcused
To, Waldhalm, Walker,

Division Administrators
Lee, Brown, Fox, Karr, Thomson Watson

1. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting
Motion made by Boyd to approve the minutes seconded by Demaris to approve the January Minutes that had not been accepted due to a lack of a quorum at the February Meeting. Motion passed.

2. Guest Comments
Dr. Danny Cheatham reported for Dr. Lee. He indicated that the legislative session was looking good for level funding but there would more than likely not be money for raises. Cheatham reported that there was money budgeted for Vet School improvements.

Dr. Lee asked Dr. Cheatham to report that he was working with the Chair of the Holland Senate and with the Provost to clarify the definition of faculty. He also addressed our concern related to the Health Insurance Key Physician program and the low number in some areas of the state. The problem was being reviewed and specific questions could be referred to Teresa Hanna.

3. Chair Report
The chair reported that there had not been a DEPAC meeting in February. Faculty need to put the Ag Summit III on their calendars for June 6 and 7, 2000 at the Jackson Hilton.

4. Vice Chair Report-Vice Chair
Evan Debeker attended the March Division Council Meeting and that the major items on the agenda were a presentation from the Library on off-campus links, The Leadership for the 21st Century document from the President and the Divisions response on the progress made of the objectives. The development of the Coastal Research and Extension branch was discussed.

5. Robert Holland Faculty Senate Report

6. Official Consideration of New Recommendations
It was reported that the request from Wayne Ebelhar related to health coverage had been passed by email vote and referred to the Ancillary Affairs committee.

There was discussion concerning how items of business are brought forward in the senate and faculty's unwillingness to have their name associated with such questions.

Motion was made by Boyd seconded by Snipes to have the Bylaws committee review the process for bringing items to the senate, frequency of meeting, using email to conduct business and to review for other updating that might be needed after three years of functioning. Motion Passed.

7. Standing Committee Reports

8. Unfinished Business

9. New Business
Under discussion the chair was asked to remind Deans and Directors at Division Council that they were welcome to attend meetings and address the senate.

Under new business the chair distributed a list of those individuals that had terms that expired in 2000 and indicated that she would contact department heads concerning election of new or continuing members.

10. Adjourn

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