DAFVM Faculty Senate


April 13, 2000 Regular Meeting
Time: 12.45 p.m.
Place: Billie Nowlen Conference Room Lloyd Ricks

Senate Membership
Belli, Boyd, Brook, Chen, Columbus, Cox, Deeds,Demaris, Ebelhar, Ezell, Hague, Hood, Hovermale, Hudson, Ingram, Jack, Linford, Looken, Malone Phillips, Nebeker, Schneider, Snipes, Spurlock, Starks, Thompson, To, Varco, Waldhalm, Walker, Willeford, Wang, Winter, Zuercher

Absent excused
Deeds, Demarais, Ezell, Hovermale, Varco, Walker, Winter

Absent unexcused
Hague, Lindord,

Division Administrators
Lee, Brown, Fox, Karr, Tompson Watson

1. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

2. Guest Comments
Dr. Charles Lee was present and gave an overview of the budget picture as it now stands. Pointing out that there may be a decrease in the general university budget. A wait and see attitude was encouraged. Also teacher pay and how that would impact future university increases was discussed.

Dr. Lee did cover his thoughts concerning the definition of faculty and that a written resolution would be coming in the near future. Post tenure review was also discussed and that it appears that his will become a reality in the future as well.

A question was raised to Dr. Lee as to what his expectations were for the DAFVM Senate. He indicated that getting things on the table and in concert with the Holland Faculty Senate. The issue of job classifications and faculty workloads were also discussed. There were some concerns as to what this really means. He indicated that some discussion concerning job titles would be helpful.

3. Chair Report

4. Vice Chair Report-Vice Chair
The Vice Chair Evan Nebeker reported that he had obtained a list of faculty from Dr. Danny Cheatham and sent to Keith Belli for use with the Charter and By-laws committee report.

5. Robert Holland Faculty Senate Report
Nebeker reported the Holland Senate's review of Academic Operating Policies (AOP) of the university. He indicated that they also will review reports such as the one on post tenure review. He reminded senate members that the Holland Faculty Senate minutes are on their web site.

6. Official Consideration of New Recommendations

7. Standing Committee Reports

8. Unfinished Business

9. New Business
The policy concerning the election of Chair and Vice Chair of the DAFVM was reviewed. Members were asked to forward nominations.

A question was raised concerning the definition of service. A letter will be coming from the vet school to the DAFVM Senate to formally address the issue.

There was interest in having the current status of the consulting policy brought to the next meeting for review.

Keith Belli presented and discussed the Charter and Bylaws Committee report. Copies were distributed for review and consideration at the May meeting.

10. Adjourn

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