DAFVM Faculty Senate


September 14, 2000 Regular Meeting

The DAFVM Faculty Senate of Mississippi State University held its regular meeting in Coskrey Auditorium of Memorial Hall at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 14, 2000.

Present: Boyd, Brook, chen, Columbus, Deeds, Ebelhar, Haque, Hood, Hovermale, Hudson, Ingram, Killcreas, Lokken, Malone-Phillips, Schneider, Snipes, Stuart, Thompson, Travathan, Varco, Walker, Wang, Winter, Zuercher

Absent Excused: Demaris, Ezell, Waldhalm, Willeford Chair Dr. Lawrence B. Zuercher called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the August 10, 2000, DAFVM Faculty Senate meeting were approved as distributed.

GUEST: Zuercher introduced a guest speaker to the Senate: Dr. Charles Lee, Vice President for Agriculture & Life Sciences, Forestry & Veterinary Medicine, and Dean of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.

Dr. Lee recently had a tour of the Division's off-campus operations with several IHL Board members to educate them on the types of things that the university does.

Dr. Lee has been visiting with key folks in the Mississippi House and Senate. Budget cuts can be expected. A 5% reduction is expected.

Enrollment at Mississippi State University is up from last year. Agriculture and Life Sciences was up thirty-two students this year.

Discussion was held on the Executive Associate Deans position. There were only a few applicants that applied for the position. Dr. Lee will appoint an interim to serve an Executive Associate Dean.

The position of Dean/Director of the College of Forest Resources/Forest and Wildlife Research Center interview process will begin soon.

Dr. Lee reiterated how important it is to express our appreciation to one another for going the extra mile, especially at a time when many are accepting additional responsibilities because of the budget situation.

Discussion was held on the Promotion and Tenure process. Dr. Lee recommended that the Faculty Senate reestablish a report of clear uniform policies/criteria across the board.

Dr. Lee recommended asking:

Does our criteria provide for opportunity?

Do we have the right criteria for promotion and tenure to be effective reward process.

Where are we in terms of promotion and tenure issues in the Division?

How does the Division relate to other units within the Univesity?

Professor Skip Jack inquired that if the report is complete and forwarded to the Provost and the Promotion and Tenure package is rejected, will Dr. Lee "Go the bat" for everyone? Dr. Lee stated that if the package is put together correctly, he would do what is needed to get the Promotion and Tenure package approved. Once the Faculty Senate redefines the Promotion and Tenure process

Will it then be approved? Dr. Lee is optimistic, but needs to know the issues.

Discussion was held for "Implication of Vision". Dr. Lee recommended inviting the Dean and Directors to the one of the meetings.

Dr. Lee addressed the six items that were sent forward for Holland Senate Consideration.

Combining Dean and Vice President's position - why was the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences combined and not others in the Division such as Forestry? Is this "consolidation" effort to continue throughout the University? If not, why was it used for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences only? If so, why?

Dr. Varco wanted to know the reasons behind combining the Dean and VP's position? Dr. Lee reflected by saying that he was not the one making the appointment, but the one who was appointed. Issues that were brought up were that teaching and research was disjointed. Dr. Deeds wanted to know who was saying the Units were disjointed. No answer was given.

What can/should the DAFVM and/or Holland Faculty Senate do concerning the apparent "blanket authority of appoint" given recently to the Administration in a University-wide vote? No answer was given.

What will be the relationship of the new "Dean type" position with other Deans/Directors?

Dr. Deeds was concerned about what the Dean will do? Dr. Lee recommended that the Dean to be a team player and facilitator. The Dean will assist in student activities, promotion and tenure, curriculum issues and market Life Science.

Was Faculty Governance followed? If not why?

Dr. Lee stated that he did not know.

Are other combined positions envisioned for the near future?


Was the Faculty in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ever consulted about combining the Dean's position with the Vice President for the Division?

No answer was given.


Chair Zuercher referred to the Faculty Affair's report as submitted by Ms. Sheri Lokken, and distributed in packet. There was some discussion but no action was taken, none was requested.

No report

No report

No report


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