DAFVM Faculty Senate


October 12, 2000 Regular Meeting
Time: 1:00 -2:40 p.m.
Place: South Auditorium of the Bost Extension Center

Senate Membership: ( 21 present )
Boyd, Brook, Chen, Columbus, Deeds, Ebelhar, Ezell, Hovermale, Hudson, Ingram, Kilcreas, Lokken, Malone-Phillips, Schneider, Stuart, Thompson, Trevathan, Varco, Wang, Zuercher

Absent Excused:
Walker, Willeford, Hood, Jack, Demarais, Snipes, Winter

Absent Unexcused:
Hague, Lindford, Starks, Waldhalm

1. Dr. Zuercher called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

2. There were no corrections or discussions from the September 14, 2000 meeting.

3. Chair Report discussions:

A. Comp Time:
Dr. Boyd addressed whether or not there were guidelines or a policy in place regarding comp time hours. Dr. Ebelhar questioned that if an employee knows he/she is being hired into a position where the hours vary, should he/she be given comp time? It was motioned and second to have this go to the Resource Affairs Committee to study.

B. FTE vs. Load
The members questioned if it was possible to make a recommendation to the Holland Center regarding faculty replacements based on loads rather than FTE. Sending a letter to the Holland Center may be premature. Some investigating and discussion needs to be done first. It was motioned and second to submit to Faculty Affairs a request to analyze the problem with load requirements for department teaching faculty issues.

C. Distance Learning Goals and Objectives for the Division
The Architecture Department brought forward issues with the web based courses available online to earn a degree. Some problems are faculty resistance, course content standardization, security, and maintenance of web page. Dr. Zuercher will research and discuss at the next meeting.

D. Dr. Charles Lee's request
Dr. Lee asks for measurements of indicators in your program of success and quality. The committee discussed the issue in depth to get the precise meaning of the definition and what exactly was to be done. A representative from each department will discuss this with their unit and bring minutes back to the next meeting. The question in hand is following: In our unit, what constitutes, in our opinion, measures of quality and success as it relates to graduates and faculty?

4. Robert Holland Faculty Senate Report: There will be no response regarding the DAFVM Faculty Senate letter that was sent on August 28, 2000 until the next meeting held on October 13, 2000.

5. Standing Committee Reports:

A. Academic Affairs Committee: Dr. Malone-Phillips reported minutes from her department regarding Tenard Promotion Policy. Basic information is needed before they can go forward with any discussion. The finalized report needs to be submitted by January 2001.

B. Charter and By Laws Committee: Dr. Schneider went over items 3 and 4 and asked for question / or discussion. The following changes were made after discussion:

a. It was motioned and second that Bylaws 2.2 section A, read as following: No person shall be considered a nominee unless he/she is completing service in the first year of a three year term of membership.

b. It was motioned and second to empower the vice to get 25% release time for chair.

c. Everyone agreed to enforce the By Law of attendance. Members missing 3 minutes within a 12 month period should be recalled.

d. It was motioned and second to accept member report.

e. It was motioned and second that the changes to the Charter and the By Laws become effective.

6. There was no unfinished business.

7. New Business: On November 9, 2000 discuss whether or not the December meeting should be moved to another date or omitted. Dr. Lee will be present for the November meeting.

8. The meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm.

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