DAFVM Faculty Senate


September 12, 2002

Present at the meeting were: Mike Boyd, Chair, Tor Schultz, Sam Land, Al Rankins for Billy Kingrey, Charles Snipes, Dan Reynolds, Darren Hudson, M. Wayne Ebelhar, Sheri Lokken, Carolyn Malone, Ken Willeford, Jacquelyn Deeds and Larry Trevathan.

Mike Boyd, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m., September 12, 2002.


Reading of the Minutes from the last meeting -- Mike Boyd -- The minutes that were taken by Lawrence Zuercher at the last meeting could not be located and he is no longer a member and could not be reached. Therefore the minutes could not be read at this time. A motion was made by Charles Snipes that the minutes would have to be read and approved at a future date if they could be located. Wayne Ebelhar seconded the motion.

Distance Education Issue -- Darren Hudson, Chair of the Committee that looked into the distance education issue, went over the Draft Report on Distance Education that they constructed. He said his committee identified key issues and made several recommendations with no limitations. Mike Boyd stated Dr. Lee had made the original request to look into how to encourage distance education. Hudson stated this committee wanted to come up with how to encourage distance education. Hudson stated this committee wanted to come up with a "how to" first and then they could address the issue of how to encourage it. Therefore, their recommendations were based on a "how to" type format. This committee felt it was the committee's responsibility to decide on "how to promote distance education" and the administration's responsibility to decide "how to implement distance education". Sheri Lokken wanted to know if the committee was supposed to be examining distance learning as a web-based class or the type by satellite. Darren Hudson stated his understanding was from the academic side. Jacquelyn stated they were looking at it from the aspect of courses towards degree completion (academic side). Wayne Ebelhar was interested in the on-campus requirements for off-campus students as well as on-campus students. Darren Hudson brought up the security issues, quality issues and integrity issues involved with distance education. Charles Snipes brought up residency requirements and the limits of degree that can be received through distance learning. Jacquelyn Deeds said the masters program did not have any residency requirement, but there was a residency requirement for a doctoral program. Sam Land asked what the need was and what was the charge. Mike Boyd just said Dr. Lee had requested the committee look into distance education last October. Darren Hudson suggested the committee send the report that had been completed by the committee to Dr. Watson and if he chooses to promote distance education, he can request further action by the committee. Wayne Ebelhar agreed the report should be sent in the form of "For Your Information". Larry Trevathan made a motion to send the Report on Distance Education to Dr. Watson and Wayne Ebelhar seconded the motion. Darren Hudson said he would let Dr. Watson know the report does not represent vote and if he wants the committee to do something further to make the committee aware of it.

New Business:

Committee Assignments -- Mike Boyd told the senate to e-mail him within a week and let him know what their committee preference was. He stated the five committees were as follows: 1. Academic Affairs, 2. Ancillary Affairs, 3. Charter and Bylaws, 4. Faculty Affairs and 5. Resources. Sam Land asked Mike Boyd to e-mail out the different committee choices for them to make their selections.

Other Business -- Jacquelyn Deeds stated all other departments should forward their policies to this senate after they leave the Dean. Charles Snipes stated the policy needs to be clarified. Departments are misreading the current policy on promotion and tenure.

Sam Land made a recommendation to get all of the positions filled on our senate group before assigning to the various committees. Mike Boyd stated he would try to do this, but most departments took their time about assigning people to the senate.

Mike Boyd stated he wanted to reinstall the Executive Committee Meetings. He said the meetings could be held 45 minutes before the regular meetings.

Nominations for Vice Chair and Parliamentarian -- Jacquelyn Deeds stated the Vice Chair moves to Chair the following year. She also stated the person elected to that position has to have completed a year. Mike Boyd opened up the nominations for Vice Chair. Wayne Ebelhar nominated Jacquelyn Deeds for Vice Chair. Charles Snipes seconded the nomination. Sam Land made a motion to close the nominations and Charles Snipes seconded the motion. Larry Trevathan nominated Ken Willeford for Parliamentarian. Wayne Ebelhar seconded the nomination. Sam Land made a motion to close the nominations. Darren Hudson seconded the motion.

Mike Boyd reviewed a letter from Dr. Watson with the Senate. The points reviewed included the President being granted release time, appoint a secretary to take minutes, maintain the DAFVM Website and keep the records of the Senate in order and to make sure all divisions are represented on the Senate and are on the agenda for monthly to report on activities of the Senate and to obtain faculty input for consideration by the Senate. Sam Land reported Dr. Watson had provided a place for the Senate to meet, as well as a secretary, Kathy Warren. Mike Boyd stated he would contact all Department Heads and ask how many faculty members they had in order to determine the number of Senate Representatives they are allowed on the Senate. Darren Hudson addressed the problem of a faculty member being counted by two different departments. Jacquelyn Deeds suggested the Senate full the empty positions and fix the bylaws and then by the next cycle the Senate could decide how to approach how many representatives each department should have.

Adjournment -- Charles Snipes made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Larry Trevathan seconded the motion.

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