DAFVM Faculty Senate


February 13, 2003

Chair Mike Boyd called the February meeting for the DAFVM Faculty Senate to order at 1 p.m. February 2003 at the MAFES Conference Center. Kathy Warren took the minutes.

Those present were Larry Templeton, Darren Hudson, T. C. Chen, Charles Snipes, Don Reynolds, Sam Borazjoni, Eugene Columbus, Wayne Ebelhar, Mike Boyd, Sheri Lokken, Jacque Deeds, and Carolyn Malone.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Old Business:

Wayne Ebelhar presented a report on the bylaws. He stated that the committee met and looked at what were in the bylaws. He explained that they had revised the Senate Structure and Representation by units shown according to Mississippi State University's breakdown. It was stated that the CVM Pathobiology/Population Med Dept. and the Animal Health Center were not in the bylaws. Env. Education Unit and Family and Consumer Education are no longer recognized. He stated that total representation totals 33.

Mike Boyd said Bill Stewart couldn't be present today, but wanted him to bring up his concern that the Vet School was stacking the deck in representation the way the system is set up at present. He wanted to know if there should be a cap put on representation.

Charles Snipes stated that he saw potential problems in the future with the way representation is presently set up. Ex. Plant and Soil Sciences is lumped together.

Sherri Lokken explained the situation in her department, where it was her department's goal to end up with five departments within it. Each department will eventually have it's own head of department, and at that time, will break off by themselves as far as calculating their representation on the Senate.

Wayne Ebelhar stated that the amounts in the report reflected positions that were currently being listed as open, but not filled at this time as well. He stated that the bylaws were written in 1998 and some of the units don't exist any more and some are listed differently. Ebelhar also mentioned that there are groups that are on the list that are not currently being represented and those departments need to appoint a representative for the Senate.

Mike Boyd stated that at present, there are 21 members that are filled.

Darren Hudson moved that in interim, that we take this model that the committee established and go with it at present. It was voted on unanimously.

Mike Boyd stated that this Senate Structures that was designed would be added to the web site.

New Business:

Mike Boyd stated that he had received an e-mail from an anonymous faculty member wanting the DAFVM Senate to send a letter asking that Dr. Vance Watson be appointed Vice President of Agriculture.

Discussion followed related to the implications of such a letter. It was decided after much discussion that a draft letter would be written to Dr. Lee stating that the DAFVM Faculty Senate feels that Dr. Vance Watson has done an excellent job with his position that is now holds and this Faculty Senate would support whatever decision Dr. Lee makes in this area. Charles Snipes moved to let the Adhoc Committee draft a letter to circulate for approval. It was unanimously voted on. Darren Hudson volunteered to draft the first letter and circulate it for all of the Faculty Senate's approval. It was decided that Jacque Deeds and Charles Snipes would assist Darren Hudson in this task.

Jacque Deeds asked did the Senate have the power to separate the Vice President and Dean of College. After some discussion among the group, it was decided to hold off on that at this time.

Wayne Ebelhar thought it would be a good idea for the DAVFM Faculty Senate to send a letter of congratulations to Dr. Lee for this appointment from the group. Mike Boyd volunteered to construct the letter.

Since the next meeting fell during the Spring Holidays, Jacque Deeds moved that the meeting be moved to March 20, 2003. Charges Snipes made a motion to move the March meeting to March 20, 2003. Mike Boyd seconded the motion.

Meeting was adjourned 2:30 p.m.

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