DAFVM Faculty Senate


May 9, 2003

Chair Mike Boyd called the May meeting for the DAFVM Faculty Senate to order at 1 p.m. May 8, 2003 at the MAFES Conference Center. Kathy Warren took the minutes.

Those present were Mike Boyd, Chair, Jacquelyn Deeds, Al Rankins for Dan Reynolds, Samuel Land, Hart Bailey, Paul Meints, Mike Allen, Sheri Lokken, Carolyn Malone, Mike Kidd, Hamid Borazjani, and Kathy Warren.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Old Business:

Boyd stated that changes are going to occur at Mississippi State University. There will be an entirely new structure, new Vice-President, and New Directors of Experiment Stations. He went on to say that this Senate will become a key player in the changes that will be occurring. He also reiterated the importance of attendance to the DAFVM Senate Meetings in the coming year and the encouragement by current members to stress to all departments to fill their vacancies on this Senate.

New Business:

Deeds informed everyone that the Chair Elect needs at lease two years left on their appointment for consideration. Malone asked if anyone within the group had expressed an interest in the Parliamentarian position. Malone made a motion to see if either Hudson and Willeford would be interested in the Vice Chair position. Hart seconded the motion. The Senate voted unanimously for the motion.

Deeds asked if anyone would like to volunteer for Parliamentarian. Malone nominated Hart Bailey and Paul Meints seconded the motion. A motion to cease nominations was made by Malone and Mike Allen seconded the Motion. The Senate voted unanimously for the motion.

Boyd asked the group to vote on the summer meeting schedule. Bailey made a motion to suspend the meetings until August. Allen seconded the motion and the group unanimously voted for the motion.

Deeds stated that she was talking to Dr. Watson about the fact that we don't always have enough business to meet every month. He made a suggestion that the Senate meet every other month or meet in the extension department via the distance learning equipment so that other departments out of town would not have to travel. She asked for feedback. Land asked if Dr. Watson would be willing to take up the expense. Deeds said yes, that the only expense would be that of the phone line, as opposed to travel expenses.

Sam Land asked the group if they felt like there was a need for this DAFVM Senate Group. Boyd stated that Dr. Watson and Dr. Lee thought there was. He stated that Dr. Lee was very pro-active and that Dr. Watson had not had time to attend meetings due to the fact that he was wearing three hats, but he was very supportive as well. Land wanted to know what Boyd thought and did he feel it was a duplication of the Faculty Senate. Boyd stated he did not feel it was a duplication and that it was good even though there may be peaks and voids as to when this Senate was needed, but that it definitely needed and important. Boyd also stated there were specific issues coming up that this Senate will have to deal with.

At this point, Boyd passed around a sheet of paper and told all of the new members to sign up for one of the committees on the sheet that was in a area of personal interest to them.

Boyd stated that he had requested Willeford to check the Forestry numbers again in relationship to the number of faculty members and representation on the DAFVM Faculty Senate.

Land make a motion that the Forestry Department be recounted again and a list would be submitted to Ken Willeford with the Charter and Bylaws Committee. Borazjani seconded the motion. The Senate unanimously voted on it.

Boyd asked if there was any other business and none was presented.

Bailey make a motion to adjourn the meeting and Borazjani seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned 1:50 p.m.

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