DAFVM Faculty Senate


August 14, 2003

Chair Jacquelyn Deeds called the August DAFVM Senate meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. in Lloyd Ricks, Billie Nowlin Conference Room.

Those present were Mike Allen, Hamid Borazjani, Eugene Columbus, Jacquelyn Deeds, Darren Hudson, Samuel Land, Carolyn Malone, Paul Meints, Dan Reynolds, Charles Snipes, Wayne Wilkerson and Ken Willeford.

Excused Absent were Linda Andrews, Angelica Chapa and Dan Poston

Deeds welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new year and announced that Darren Hudson had been elected as the new vice chair of the senate.

The minutes of the May 9, 2003 meeting were approved as presented. Motion to accept made by Allen, seconded by Meints.

Deeds reviewed the senate meeting date of the second Thursday of each month and indicated that future meetings would be at the MAFES Conference center and there would be conference call capability if individuals could not attend the meeting in person.

A list of senate members and contact information was distributed. Members were asked to correct information and to review committee assignments. If individuals wished to change committees they were to contact Deeds.

Unfinished Business

Motion was made by Malone and seconded by Willeford to accept the count of 21 faculty in Forestry and grant them a second senator. Motion passed.

New Business

Motion was made by Hudson and seconded by Snipes to approve the revised faculty evaluation form Dr. Watson asked the senate to review as presented. Motion passed.

Concerned was expressed by various senators about problems related to working with Human Resources in filling faculty and research positions. Motion was made by Hudson and seconded by Willeford to refer the matter to the Ancillary Affairs committee for consideration and recommended action. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

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