DAFVM Faculty Senate


November 13, 2003
1:00 p.m. MAFES Conference Center

In Attendance: Linda Andrews, Hart Bailey, Hamid Borazjani, Wes Burger, Michael Caprio, Angelica Chapa, Eugene Columbus, Jacquelyn Deeds, Clifford Hampton, Sam Land, Carolyn Malone, Duane Motsenbocker, Dan Poston, Dan Reynolds, Mark Shankle, and Charles Snipes.

Excused: Mike Allen, Darren Hudson, Michael Kidd, Wes Schilling, and Wayne Wilkerson.

The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. November 13, 2003 by Jacque Deeds, Chair at the MAFES Conference Center.

Dr. Joe Mc Gilberry was welcomed to the senate and discussed his new role as Executive Director of University Extension and Outreach. He assured senate members that the Extension Service would remain a separately budgeted unit and that no other programs, credit or non-credit would become extension. He indicated the change was made to make the system more usable to our public. He expects to see the unit more involved in issues and economics of the state. He sees a role for serving business and industry. He handed out copies of the letter he sent to Extension faculty explaining his new role. He also discusses the concept of outreach and engagement indicating that this concept has always been part of the role of faculty in the division.

Julie Rester and Boyd Grier from Human Recourses came to the meeting at the request of the senate. Charles Snipes opened the discussion by sharing some of the concerns related to human resources that hat been raised at previous meetings and in the Faculty Affairs committee. Rester and Grier discussed the new application system and the importance of using the HR website to access information on position descriptions and salary ranges. If the website doesn't answer an individuals questions Boyd Grier is available to discuss the concern and to assist with selecting the appropriate levels and position descriptions. This early contact will save time consuming problems down the road. They discussed the new online application system, indicating that training was ongoing throughout the division and that the system should make getting applicant information much easier and faster once the system is in place.

It was moved by Columbus, seconded by Snipes to approve the Minutes of the October 9, 2003 meeting as distributed. Motion passed.

Deeds reported on attending the Promotion and Tenure Round Table. The most important item would be the inclusion of external letters in the promotion materials. There was concern among senate members about the type of directions that would be given to department heads and if in those departments with a mix of disciplines how external reviewers would be selected. There was also a question related to split appointments and how the external letters would be viewed.

Deeds also reported that departments will most likely be expected to have established requirements for P and T. Again senate members were concerned about how MAFES and Extension appointments would be represented.

Deeds ask for input on the requirement that Associate Professors not be able to vote on promotion to Professor. The general consensus was that it is not a major concern within the division, that flexibility should be a factor.

The senators in attendance supported the topic of midterm review at three years because of the importance of clear guidance and established expectations.

The Academic Affairs committee preliminary report on Non-Monetary Reward for DAFVM faculty was presented and discussed. The committee will take the remarks and complete a formal report.

There was no unfinished business.

New Business: The members agreed by consensus to cancel the December meeting due to finals.

Motion was made by Snipes, second by Shankle to adjourn. The motion passed.

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