DAFVM Faculty Senate


September 9, 2004

ATTENDING: Linda Andrews, Hamid Borazjani, Wes Burger, Angelica Chapa, Jacque Deeds, Bill Evans, Debbie Gaddis, Laurie Grace, Sharon Grace, Cliff Hampton, Darren Hudson, Mike Kidd, Duane Motsenbocker, Steve Nichols, Dan Poston, Dan Reynolds, Wayne Wilkerson

Introductions: As it was the first meeting of the year, Darren Hudson, Senate Chair, introduced himself. Everyone else present introduced themselves and noted their affiliation within DAFVM.

During the introductions, Duane Motsenbocker noted that his seat on the Senate might be in question since his new position as interim director of the newly formed Industrial Outreach Service (still under Joe McGilberry, but not MSU-ES) might not qualify him to be on DAFVM Senate as a representative of ES.

Dr. Hudson also notified the Senate that these meetings would be available for remote attendance from the research and extension centers. Faculty Senators from DREC and CREC attended this meeting in person.

Vance Watson suggested to Dr. Hudson that he would like for the faculty Senate to hold occasional meetings at research and extension centers. It was suggested that we hold October's meeting at the Delta Research and Extension Center. Dr. Hudson will attempt to arrange that. The Senate would also like to go to the Coastal Research and Extension Center for a meeting in the spring.

Jacque Deeds announced that there are no minutes for the April, 2004 meeting.

Senate Makeup: Wes Burger questioned the Senate about how long Senate terms lasted and how many representatives each department was to have. Dr. Hudson responded that there was a committee (Charter and Bylaws) which was looking into the existing Senate makeup to make a formalized assessment of its current representation. Dr. Deeds informed the Senate that each department should have one representative for the first 20 faculty and then another for department with over 20 faculty. They should serve in 3 year rotations and can serve again after they roll off, if they wish and are selected again. Should the department downsize, the second representative will serve out his term and then that position will not be filled again at that time.

Dr. Hudson asked that each Senator volunteer for one standing committee and he will name a chairperson from among those volunteers. The standing committees are: Academic Affairs, Ancillary Affairs, Charter and Bylaws, Faculty Affairs, and Resources.

Old Business: Cliff Hampton announced that there is a need to finish one task that was begun by the Senate last year. This item is to set standards for measuring performance within our Division. The committee last year attempted to outline criteria for Adequate, Above Average and Superior ratings to ensure consistency among all departments.

Dr. Hudson committed to making this a priority early in this year.

Dr. Watson's Update: Dr. Hudson went over a handout outlining the details of an earlier meeting he had with Dr. Vance Watson. (See Attached)

New Business: Dr. Hudson thanked Dr. Deeds for her service as Chair of the Senate last year. It was noted that we might want to consider a Recognition Committee.

Dr. Deeds gave an update on the Holland Faculty Senate.

  • Faculty workload policy to be returned to Senate for reconsideration
  • University is to be requested to do something about spam
  • Will look at remaining outstanding issues regarding promotion and tenure
  • Will look into post-tenure review policy requested by IHL board
  • Discussion of the cutback in hours required for degree
  • Academic honesty policy to be reviewed

Debbie Gaddis proposed that we submit a resolution requesting that care be taken in preserving the large trees on campus. After discussing the desired verbage, Dr. Hudson committed to drafting the resolution and providing a copy of the draft to the membership. The Senate voted to back this resolution.

Meeting adjourned.


APPROVED BY: Darren Hudson, Chair, DAFVM Faculty Senate

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