DAFVM Faculty Senate


January 13, 2005

ATTENDING: Duane Motsenbocker, Mike Kidd, Laurie Grace, Bill Evans, Sharon Grace, Angelica Chapa, Ken Williford, Wayne Wilkerson, Eugene Columbus, Linda Andrews, Wes Schilling, Deborah Gaddis, Mark Shankle, Robert Meyer, Cliff Hampton, Jacque Deeds, Dan Poston, Steve Nichols

GUEST: Melissa Mixon

The minutes from October's meeting were approved.

New Member: Joe Fratesi will be the new DAFVM Faculty Senate member representing the Center for Governmental Technology. He replaces Mike Allen on the Senate.

Vice Chair Report: Cliff Hampton presented the Legislative Budget Office recommendations for Fiscal Year 2006. He noted the percent (amount of) cut to your department is based on total available funds. Dr. Vance Watson informed Mr. Hampton that there "will be some pain experienced in this year's budget".

Holland Faculty Senate Report: Jacque Deeds presented a report on the Holland Faculty Senate.

  • They will be reviewing promotion and tenure guidelines as well as promotion criteria for non-tenure track employees.
  • Campus Planning Committee reported that all of the dormitories on the northeast side of campus will eventually be torn down and by 2008, two new ones will be built. There will be some student services included in that dormitory area to promote a community environment. They are now planning to enlarge the proposed museum and bully store by Bost and the stadium to include a welcome site. During the summer, the roads around the stadium, Lloyd Ricks and Dorman will once again be torn up to eventually remedy the traffic flow problems.
  • Parking decals for the fall are going up to $50. There will be an additional $10 monthly charge if you wish to park in gated lots. Students will buy decals for one specific lot which will cut down much of the traffic on campus during the day. The large gravel lot by McComas will be paved.
  • The issue of doing away with computer marketing spam is a continuous one. It will be dealt with soon.
  • Duane Motsenbocker serves on the Starkville Planning and Development Board. He said that Starkville is intent on keeping the bypass entrances to campus aesthetically pleasing. It was suggested that our Faculty Senate draft a resolution to the Holland Faculty Senate asking that we cooperate in promoting this principal in support of the Starkville Planning and Development Board and further, that the MSU Planning Committee should work closely with the City in this matter. This was voted on positively by the DAFVM Faculty Senate and resolution language was proposed by Jacque Deeds. It will be formally presented for approval to our Senate.

Old Business:

  • Charter and Bylaws Committee Report (J. Deeds) - Dr. Deeds obtained a listing of faculty by department from Human Resources. She distributed this to her committee members. They will meet to determine the correct apportionment of Faculty Senators per department.
  • Faculty Affairs (D. Reynolds) - Dr. Reynolds discussed the matter of standardized timetables for all departments on promotion and tenure packages with Dr. Vance Watson. Dr. Watson is agreeable in concept and probably would okay whatever timeline we present. This may not be the best time to make this proposal in light of the changes being considered in the Holland Faculty Senate. Dr. Deeds said we should go ahead and proceed with our plans since they will probably not finish with their changes by Fall, 2005.

New Business:

Mr. Hampton asked Dr. Watson if he had any challenges for our group. Dr. Watson brought up the issue of standardized guidelines in quantifying annual evaluation scores. In the minutes of our Faculty Senate's first meeting in Fall, 2004, this issue was presented and a commitment was made to address it on a priority basis. During discussion, it appears that the entire DAFVM Faculty Senate does not generally favor quantifying evaluation standards. The suggestion was made to create an ad hoc committee representing several different departments and reporting to the Faculty Affairs committee to study this issue. The head of this committee should be a member of the Faculty Affairs committee. This measure was approved and the committee will be appointed by Darren Hudson.

Wes Schilling brought a discussion to the table concerning MIRS reporting. A faculty member in his department has some issues with this system. Dr. Schilling distributed a question sheet exploring the value of the system. Mike Kidd has worked on the system and brought out the point that it is only as good as the input. Mr. Hampton suggested that we get Clarence Watson to come to our next meeting and address these issues.

Melissa Mixon, Associate Vice President in the DAFVM, made a presentation concerning the new cell phone policies. MSU decided to take a proactive strategy toward cell phones since it was on the radar of the legislature. In our division, we deleted 118 phones completely and of the remaining 237 phones, 141 were placed on monthly allowance. The next step will take place on January 31 and February 1, 2 and 3 from 1 - 4 pm in McArthur. There will be representatives from Cellular South, ITS and Property Control there to enable you to change your service over to private service if you so desire. New appliances, like Blackberries and other data retrieval devices will fall under the same regulations if you activate the cell phone technology.

Meeting adjourned.

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