DAFVM Faculty Senate


February 10, 2005

ATTENDING: Mike Kidd, Mike Caprio, Laurie Grace, Wayne Wilkerson, Mark Shankle, Ken Willeford, Jacquelyn Deeds, Duane Motsenbocker, David Borazjani, Deborah Gaddis, Eugene P. Columbus, Steve Nichols, Dan Poston, Linda Andrews, Bill Evans

The minutes from January’s meeting were approved.

Report from Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation Standards (Debbie Gaddis): The committee used the Forestry Department’s guidelines (without too much detail) for a proposed model on evaluation standards. They used their general standards for satisfactory evaluation. Darren Hudson noted that he saw Vance Watson in Little Rock and what he was looking for was some way to determine what satisfactory means to each department, not necessarily to standardize it across the entire Division. It is important to address issues such as individuals who may be strong in two areas, but weak in the third, but the emphasis at all times must be on good scholarship. The measure should be productivity and this varies according to your appointment. There was discussion of Extension being rolled into the other categories. Some feel that the Extension function should be kept separate. There is some consensus that the current evaluation form does not fit the Division.

Deborah Gaddis said that the committee would meet again to produce another iteration based on the comments presented at this meeting. If you have any ideas, please forward them to Cliff Hampton, the committee chair.

DAFVM Faculty Senate Representation (Jacque Deeds): Although Dr. Deeds’ committee did not meet, she had Mary Sowers in Human Resources Management provide a list for her of all faculty in each department in the Division. Based upon that information, she provided a list with desired representation per department based on the Division Faculty Senate guidelines.

The DAFVM Faculty Senate accepts this list as correct representation for membership and Dr. Hudson will notify department heads to fill spots not currently full. If there are too many representatives from any department, they will simply not be replaced when their term ends.

Holland Faculty Senate Report (Jacque Deeds):
• Rapid progress is being made on the Roy Ruby dormitory. It should be ready by fall.
• New student orientation guidelines are ready.
• Faculty Senate is still working on clarifying the promotion and tenure document.
• Post-tenure review is now an operational procedure and the guidelines are on-line.

DAFVM Faculty Senate Resolution for Holland Faculty Senate (Darren Hudson): The resolution passed at the last DAFVM Faculty Senate meeting concerning the development along the bypass at the entrance to campus will be forwarded to Mark Goodman by Darren Hudson.

Phi Kappa Phi Scholarships (Darren Hudson): Dr. Hudson asked that all would remind promising students that there are many prominent scholarships available through Phi Kappa Phi and they are listed on the PKP website. He would also like to see us continue to nominate faculty to PKP faculty membership. If you have nominations, please send them either to Dr. Hudson or Dr. Vance Watson.

Budget Update (Darren Hudson): We are still fighting to fill the holes in the budget and it currently looks like the cuts will be at about 5%, but we still do not know how those cuts will be distributed. It will probably be the final day of the session before we know for sure.

New Business: The question was raised about whether or not our health insurance rates will be going up this year. Dr. Hudson committed to asking Dr. Watson for clarification on the matter.

Adjourned at 2:05 pm.

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