DAFVM Faculty Senate


March 10 , 2005

ATTENDING: Hamid Borazjani, Duane Motsenbocker, Dan Reynolds, Mike Caprio, Wes Schilling, Laurie Grace, Angelica Chapa, Darren Hudson, Robert Meyer, Ken Willeford, Wes Burger, Hart Bailey, Jacque Deeds, Deborah Gaddis, Cliff Hampton, Bill Evans, Mark Shankle

The minutes from February's meeting were approved.

Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation Standardization: (Hampton)

Multiple copies of the committee's draft were circulated. They tried to incorporate all the suggestions brought forth at last month's Senate meeting. Cliff Hampton asked that all Senate members look over the document and decide if you want this to be the standard for satisfactory on evaluations across the Division. Dr. Watson only wants a framework which defines minimal standards for a satisfactory performance rating.

One of the big issues with the document appears to be the use of extension as one of the evaluation categories. This should be changed to Extension/Service on the final document.

Please provide any input to Mr. Hampton or any committee member by noon on March 22 so that they can submit a final document for a vote at the April Faculty Senate meeting.

Standardization of Promotion and Tenure Guidelines: (Reynolds)

The Faculty Affairs committee presented their handout on their progress in setting a uniform promotion and tenure timeline for the Division. The committee assumes that the timeline will be the same for tenured and non-tenured faculty. During discussion, it was brought up that some of the guidelines on this handout were in conflict with department promotion and tenure guidelines. Dan Reynolds clarified that the timeline was the important issue and that the departmental guidelines would always take precedence.

Please send any comments or input to Dan Reynolds prior to the Faculty Senate's April meeting so that the committee can submit a final draft for a vote.

Regulations on Consulting for 9-Month Employees: (Williford)

Ken Williford re-introduced an issue that has been discussed in Faculty Senate before concerning policy on consulting for 9-month employees. Although there are policies in effect concerning 9-month employees who work for the other three months under supplemental contract, but, as far as we are aware, there are not policies concerning outside consulting during those three months. The consensus is that this matter should be referred to university counsel. Dr. Hudson and Mr. Hampton will discuss this matter with Dr. Watson and request that he submit it to counsel. Dr. Hudson will report to the Senate at the next meeting.

Holland Faculty Senate Report: (Deeds)

  • The Promotion and Tenure revisions will be approved tomorrow. These revisions are listed on the Holland Faculty Senate website.
  • There is an AOP coming before the Holland Faculty Senate concerning a Winter Intersession. This will be a two-week separate semester in January for which 9-month faculty can get paid to teach.
  • The Holland Faculty Senate will be working toward guidelines for non-tenured promotion criteria. If you have such a document in your department, please forward a copy of it to Jacque Deeds.
  • The spam resolution passed. The Faculty Senate has asked ITS to put a spam filter (as opposed to a blocker) on our systems which will identify email as potential spam. Then, the user will be able to make the decision as to whether to block it or not.
  • The Holland Faculty Senate is looking at expanding the policy on electronic devices in the classroom. They would like to see them banned, but some were concerned that it should be clear that this would not include laptop computers. This ban should apply to cell phones, blackberries, pagers and other communications devices.

New Business:

  • Election of Officers for next year: The DAFVM Faculty Senate will need to elect officers for the coming year. Darren Hudson will be getting off the Senate and Cliff Hampton will be Chair for the coming year. We must elect a Vice Chair, who would become Chair the next year, as well as a Parliamentarian. Dr. Hudson would like to hold these elections at the April meeting.
  • Dr. Hudson has contacted department heads about electing representatives from their units for the DAFVM Faculty Senate. Dr. Deeds is going to try to get a list of dates when each member is due to rotate off the Senate. Dr. Hudson will try to have all positions filled before the May meeting so that new members might join the Senate on their last meeting of this academic year in May.

Adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

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