DAFVM Faculty Senate


April 14, 2005

Attending: Susan Mulley (for Wayne Wilkerson), Laurie Grace, Cliff Hampton, Ken Willeford, Sharon Grace, Alex Corzo (for Mike Kidd), Angelica Chapa, Hart Bailey, Wes Schilling, Duane Motsenbocker, Deborah Gaddis, Jacque Deeds, Dan Poston, Darren Hudson, Dan Reynolds, Bill Evans, Robert Meyer, Bill Evans

The minutes from the March 10, 2005 meeting were approved with corrections.

Comments From Dr. Vance Watson: (Hudson)

Darren Hudson passed along comments from Dr. Watson in which he thanked the Senate for their hard work during the year. He commented that the Division had done a great job in the Promotion and Tenure process and a good job of leveraging research dollars. He noted our successful mentoring program and said that there is still a need for additional mentors. Those wishing to volunteer should contact Melissa Mixon.

Dr. Watson is hoping for even funding when the budget is finally approved this year. There is a discrepancy between the House and Senate versions but he is optimistic.

Remember that there will be a split commencement again this semester. Our students will graduate on Saturday, May 7, at 2:30 p.m.. All faculty members are encouraged to attend to assure adequate representation.

The Excellence in Teaching seminar was very good this year, especially the peer teaching evaluation segment.

The Summer Celebration (bologna sandwich lunch) will be on June 3 this year. At that, the Division awards will also be given out.

Dr. Watson would like to remind all DAFVM Faculty Senators to get feedback from those you represent on the Senate. Their input is important, as is your information to them concerning the decisions of the Senate.

Date Change On Next Faculty Senate Meeting:

The decision was made to change the date of the next Senate meeting from May 12 to May 11 in order that faculty may participate in Staff Appreciation Day.

Evaluation Standards Committee Report: (Hampton)

Cliff Hampton went over the handout on evaluation standards produced by his committee. After discussion on several issues, especially the necessity for department heads to use discretion in evaluating certain non-tenure track employees according to these standards, several changes were adopted. Joy Odom will make these revisions and send the document out by email to the entire Senate. Any comments should be sent to Mr. Hampton prior to April 26 and the revised standards will be presented at our May 11 meeting for approval. It was decided that, at that time, each Senator will take the document to the faculty they represent for feedback since it is such an important issue to the faculty in general. If accepted, the Senate feels that it would be prudent for Dr. Watson to distribute the accepted document to the Division Council along with some instruction for department heads in the prudent use of these standards.

Promotion and Tenure Timeline Committee Report: (Reynolds)

Dan Reynolds presented changes to his committee's proposed documents as recommended at the last Faculty Senate meeting. The timeline was widely accepted, but caution was noted about being too specific on items that are under the auspices of the departmental promotion and tenure committees. Dr. Reynolds brought out that the main issue is getting the process started earlier in the year so that the packages do not get jammed along the way. It is also important to standardize this timeline for the convenience of those faculty members who work off-campus but are housed within an academic department. Joy Odom will distribute the document to the entire Senate by email and any changes should be sent to Dan Reynolds by April 26 so that his final timeline can be presented at the May 11 Senate meeting.

Holland Faculty Senate Report: (Deeds)

Jacque Deeds reported that the agenda for the next Holland Faculty Senate meeting is 51 pages long. There will be Senate elections tomorrow. Most resolutions will be tabled until next fall. The budget will be discussed.

New Business:

  • At the next DAFVM Faculty Senate meeting, a new Vice Chair and Parliamentarian must be elected.
  • As a follow-up to a question raised earlier concening summer pay for 9-month employees, Dr. Watson would consider it a courtesy to report the nature of that employment. It is not the University's concern how much money you make during that time, but if you are working for the University on a grant/contract, all regular employment rules will apply. Use of University property rules still apply in all instances.
  • The MIRS system is being studied in terms of accuracy. Apparently, it works well as long as the input is accurate. It is very important for the departments to keep their input up to date since funding allocations are made based on MIRS reporting.

Meeting adjourned.

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