DAFVM Faculty Senate


May 11, 2005

ATTENDING: Harvey Gordon, Cliff Hampton, Mike Caprio, Wes Schilling, Wayne Wilkerson, Kirk Swortzel, Robert Meyer, Sharon Grace, Steve Nichols, Alex Corzo (for Mike Kidd), Darren Hudson, Jacque Deeds, Dan Reynolds, Linda Andrews, Mark Shankle

The minutes from the April 14, 2005 meeting were approved with corrections.


Promotion and Tenure Timeline: Dan Reynolds presented the updated document with revisions since the last Senate meeting. Jacque Deeds pointed out that this document actually puts us into compliance with University Promotion and Tenure Guidelines. Dr. Reynolds asked that the cover document emphasize that we are not suggesting an override to departmental policies, but just to provide a timeline. The Senate voted to forward the document to Vance Watson.

Evaluation Standards: Cliff Hampton presented the document with the changes made since the last Senate meeting. One change was recommended and the Senate voted to accept the committee report and forward to Vance Watson with the suggested change.

Both committees were commended for their dedication to these tasks. Sharon Grace particularly commended Cliff Hampton for his leadership on the Evaluation Standards committee. She noted that he kept the committee on task and moving forward throughout the process.


Jacque Deeds reported that Mark Goodman will again be President of the Holland Faculty Senate. This will be his second term. Several AOPs were sent to committee and the Senate is still hesitating on the Excellence in Teaching report. In March, there were some changes to the University Promotion and Tenure Document, but they do not affect the changes we made in our faculty Senate. The proposal the DAFVM Faculty Senate presented to the Holland Faculty Senate concerning the upkeep on the bypass entrances to our campus was not on the agenda. Darren Hudson will follow up with Mark Goodman to find out why it was not included. Next year, Jacque Deeds will no longer be on either Faculty Senate, so our Senate will have to have someone on the university Senate to report on their activities. Cliff Hampton will look into this situation.


  • Our new members were introduced. They are Kirk Swortzel from AIS and Harvey Gordon from MSU-ES/4-H. Other newly-elected Senators not in attendance are Hal Rankins and Lane Greer from Plant & Soil Sciences. There are other vacancies that will have to be filled. Darren Hudson has emailed the department heads who need to replace their Senators, but has not heard from all of them with replacement names. Cliff Hampton will follow up for the coming year.
  • Steve Nichols was elected Vice Chair for the coming year. Wes Sehilling was elected Parliamentarian.
  • Jacque Deeds moved that the By-Laws Committee consider adding the position of Secretary to the officer list for the Senate. This passed and the committee will meet over the summer to accomplish this task.
  • Darren Hudson passed the position of Chair to Cliff Hampton for the coming academic year. Mr. Hampton commended the service of both Darren Hudson and Joy Odom to the Senate over the past year.
  • Dr. Deeds proposed that Mr. Hampton write a letter to the department head of Agricultural Economics (Steve Turner) and copy Vance Watson to officially commend Dr. Hudson and Ms. Odom’s service to the Senate. Mr. Hampton will do so.
  • Mr. Hampton will find a replacement for Dr. Deeds to the Holland Faculty Senate. If no DAFVM Senator is also serving on the Holland Faculty Senate, he will seek another solution.

Meeting adjourned.

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