DAFVM Faculty Senate


September 8, 2005

Attending:  Cliff Hampton (chair), Steve Nichols (Vice-Chair), S. Grace, L. Grace, C. Coyne, R.  Meyer, Wes Schilling, Mark Shankle, Al Rankins, Joe Fratesi, K. Swortzel, Alex Corzo, Harvey Gordon, Gregg Ibendahl, Bill Evans (Raymond), Dan Poston (Stoneville).

Clifford Hampton, chair, called the Senate to order and gave introductory remarks.

Members were presented packages for the meeting which contained an agenda, draft minutes from May 2005, a roster of senators to date by department, and a listing of 2005/2006 officers and committee descriptions. 

Hampton introduced the officers for 2005/2006, requested introductions from members, and welcomed new members.  He also stressed the importance of participation in meetings and the roles of senators. Hampton provided an overview of the May 2005 minutes and requested action on the minutes.  Mark Shankle moved to accept the minutes, Harvey Gordon seconded. May 2005 minutes were unanimously approved. 

Hampton requested a volunteer to serve in the role of Secretary. Sharon Grace volunteered.


Report from the Chair

Department/Unit Representation – The Chair updated senators on representation of departments/units and referred them to the attached roster.  He noted that not all departments/units have representatives, but the effort to fill all representative slots is ongoing.  He also noted that several senators have communicated conflicts with meeting times or dates due to their teaching schedules.  Senators with conflicts were asked to advise their department/unit head so that other arrangements could be made.

The Chair presented an update to senators on action from the May 2005 meeting.  It was requested that a letter commending the former chair, Dr. Hudson, and his assistant, Ms. Odom be sent to Drs. Turner and Watson.  The letters were compiled and sent.   Two recommendations were sent forward in May; Promotion and Tenure timelines for the division and faculty evaluation standards.  The division utilized the promotion and tenure timelines to assist faculty by providing additional time to prepare their documents.  The division leadership is seeking to also have this issue addressed by the Holland Faculty Senate.   The status of the draft evaluation standards is not known, due mainly to other pressing issues facing the division. 

Hampton advised senators that an invitation was extended to Dr. Watson, Vice President, DAFVM to meet with the senators today and he accepted pending his schedule.  Additionally, Hampton advised senators of two draft documents from the Holland Senate, Instructor’s, and Non-Tenured personnel documents that they should read.  Dan Poston served on an ad-hoc committee for the non-tenured personnel document and made several comments.  Plans are to email the documents to the division senate.    


Vice Chair Report

Vice Chairman Steve Nichols informed senators of the need to provide him with their expiration date, noting that each senator serves a term of three years unless they fill an unexpired term.  He acknowledged that this would allow officers to keep track of anticipated turnover on the senate.  Additionally, Nichols referred senators to the attachment with the list of senate committees and provided an overview of each of them.  He requested senators to submit to him their top three committees.

He informed senators that each should serve on at least one committee. In making committee assignments, the chair will need to ensure that all committees and chairs have representation from all major departments/units.


Unfinished Business

Secretary as officer – Hampton provided an overview of an approved action from the May meeting to add the position of secretary as an officer.  This action was assigned to the bylaws committee to meet over the summer and present recommendations back to the senate.  Neither of the two existing bylaws committee members was present to make the report.  Hampton noted that it was his understanding that the bylaws give the ability to appoint a secretary, but if the position is to be an officer a vote of the general faculty must be taken.  The bylaws committee will need to study the bylaws to ensure bylaws will need to be amended, work up a proposal for voting if necessary, and define responsibilities for the position.  Harvey Gordon motioned to expedite the process of adding the position of secretary to the senate, Joe Fratesi seconded.  It was noted that the position would be filled from among the membership.  The senate unanimously approved the motion. 


New Business

Holland Faculty Senate Representative – Hampton informed senators that at the present time, the division does not have a senator who is a member of Holland Senate.  According to his understanding of the bylaws, a member who serves on the Holland Senate will be appointed by the chair to provide updates to the division on Holland Senate issues.  Since no one is serving on Holland Senate, Hampton requested a volunteer to attend Holland Senate open meetings to provide the division senate updates.  Laurie Grace volunteered to attend Holland Senate’s meetings, pending scheduling.

Members discussed the need to amend the bylaws to give the chair the ability to appoint a non Holland Senate representative if no division senator serves on Holland Senate.  Senators were requested to carefully read the bylaws to ensure we have the authority to appoint a non-member to serve on the Holland Senate without amending the bylaws.  Discussion was tabled until next meeting.


Other Issues

Hurricane Katrina – Laurie Grace expressed concern for students who have been home to the coast and are very stressed and upset.  She also gave an update on the impact of the storm on MSU forestry personnel and need for further assessment of timber damage.  Gordon reported that 4-H has launched a relief effort directed toward shelters and is sending letters of encouragement to 4-H members affected by the storm. Bill Evans also gave a report on hurricane relief efforts. 

Meeting Adjourned.

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