DAFVM Faculty Senate


October 13, 2005

Attending:  Cliff Hampton (chair), Steve Nichols (Vice-Chair), Kirk Swortzel, Wayne Wilkerson, Al Rankins, Laura Grace, Marty Brock, Hamid Borazjani, Mike Kidd, Bill Evans, Linda Andrews, Dan Poston, Cody Coyne, Robert Meyer. 

Excused Absent:  Harvey Gordon, Deborah Gaddis, Wes Burger, Ken Willeford, Michael Caprio, Wes Schilling, Mark Shankle, Shane Burgess, Sharon Grace.

Absent:  Greg Ibendahl, Joe Fratesi, Erdogan Memili.


Cliff Hampton called meeting to order and reminded members of absentee policy of the Senate.  If a member is absent three times without an excuse, that member is recalled and their department head is contacted in order to have an election to replace the recalled member. 

Hampton introduced a new representative, Marty Brock, and asked her to introduce herself.  He also stated that she had been requested to serve as Secretary for the meeting. 

Hampton requested that the members review the minutes from the September 2005 meeting and asked for a motion for action on the minutes.  Wayne Wilkerson motioned to accept the minutes, Hamid Borazjani seconded and the minutes were approved unanimously.  Hampton introduced another new member of the senate who had an excused absence, Shane Burgess.

Report from the Chair:

Updated Senate Contacts List - Asked members to review the updated contact information provided and to make sure that individual information is correct.  Hampton stated that the information will be posted to the website, hopefully, next week.  Hampton also noted that there are still several vacancies.

Draft Committee Assignments – Hampton asked members to review the draft committee assignments.  He noted that according to the bylaws, once a member is assigned to a committee, the member remains on that committee throughout their term, unless changed by the chair.  Hampton also stated that in order to attain a balance of representation from each of the five organizations within the division, some members did not receive the priority assignments they requested.  Members were advised that if they had a problem with their committee assignment to notify the chair. 

Update from Dr. Watson – Hampton stated that according to Dr. Watson, the LBO hearings were cancelled.  The chair stated that the DAVFM Faculty Senate has been charged by Dr. Watson to develop strategies as to how the division will continue to do business in lieu of the fact that travel has been increased to 48.5 cents per mile.  Hampton asked the resources committee to develop recommendations to answer this question and provide an update report to the full senate at the next meeting.  A motion was made and seconded to send this to the resource committee.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Hampton asked Linda Andrews for a report on the status of the coast.  Andrews stated that progress is being made but it may take up to a year before debris removal is complete.  Andrews also expressed appreciation for the MSU work crews on behalf of the employees affected on the coast.

Report from the Vice Chair:

The Vice Chair, Steve Nichols, began by expressing appreciation to the members for their correspondence via email requesting committee assignments.  Nichols also advised new members that they could email him to request committee assignments.  Nichols asked members to email him their current year of service on the faculty senate and when their term will expire.  It was noted that a representative seat from Plant and Soil Science was still vacant.  Al Rankin stated that an email soliciting nominations for the position had been sent to the department by the department head.  Also, CVM Patholbiology/Popultion Med, CVM Diagnostic Lab and Ag and Bioengineering have been notified of their vacant positions. 

Report on Robert Holland Faculty Senate:

Laurie Grace, representing the division with Robert Holland Faculty Senate, reported that the main issue being discussed in the Robert Holland Faculty Senate is the proposal for the promotion of non-tenured faculty.  She believes that there is considerable confusion campus wide on how our division does business and the process is being complicated unnecessarily.  Grace pointed out several inconsistencies in the draft proposal for promotion of non-tenured faculty.  For example, there is no provision in the draft for faculty members who have appointments in more than one organization.   Grace stated that she would discuss these issues with the Robert Holland Faculty Senate at their next meeting. 

Unfinished Business:

Clarification of Secretary as an officer – Hampton discussed the need to clarify the selection process for the role of Secretary to the DAFVM Faculty Senate.  There has been past discussion within the DAFVM Faculty Senate on whether or not the position should be made an officer.  The chair has the ability to appoint a member to be the secretary.  A motion was made that the issue be sent to the bylaws committee to review the bylaws and bring back a recommendation on how to solve the Secretary issue.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. 

Robert Holland Faculty Senate Representative – Currently there is not a member of the DAFVM Faculty Senate who is also a member of the Robert Holland Faculty Senate.   Hampton stated that the process of appointing a representative to the Robert Holland Faculty Senate should be clarified.  Wayne Wilkerson made a motion that the issue be sent to the bylaws committee for review, Hamid Borazjani seconded.  The motion was passed unanimously.  Hampton requested that an update from the bylaws committee on this issue be given at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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