DAFVM Faculty Senate


January 12, 2006 

Attending: Cliff Hampton (chair), Steve Nichols (Vice-Chair), Greg Ibendahl, Harvey Gordon, Laura Grace, Marty Brock, Hamid Borazjani, Linda Andrews, Mark Shankle, Joe Fratesi, Shane Burgess, Sharon Grace, Michael Caprio, Wes Schilling, Bill Evans, Cody Coyne.

Excused Absent: Kirk Swortzel, Wayne Wilkerson, Al Rankins, Robert Meyer, Mike Kidd, and Wes Burger.

Absent: Deborah Gaddis, Dan Posten, and Ken Willeford.

Cliff Hampton called meeting to order. Hampton requested that the members review the minutes from the December 2005 meeting and asked for a motion for action on the minutes. Harvey Gordon motioned to accept the minutes, Bill Evans seconded. The minutes were discussed and it was agreed that the word “track” be added in a sentence to the December minutes. The new sentence under the heading Report from Robert Holland Faculty Senate Representative, now reads: “For example, non-tenured track faculty cannot be elected to the promotion committee that will decide their fate.” The minutes were approved unanimously with the proposed change.


Introduction of New Members/Guests:

Hampton stated that a representative from the Robert Holland Faculty Senate, David Nagel, was attending the DAFVM Faculty Senate meeting to address concerns of the DAFVM Faculty Senate regarding the promotion of non-tenured track faculty document that was to be voted on January 13, 2006 in the Robert Holland Faculty Senate.


Report from the Chair:

Hampton stated Marty Brock had agreed to take minutes for the January meeting but there would be a need to find a new person to take minutes due to the fact that she is leaving the MSU-ES.

Hampton discussed growing concern among faculty regarding the search for a new President for Mississippi State University. There is a need for the new President to understand the three missions of the land grant university: teaching, research, and service. Hampton asked for ideas on how to express these concerns to the Presidential Search Committee. Laura Grace made a motion to send this issue to the Faculty Affairs Committee. Harvey Gordon seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The Faculty Affairs Committee is charged with developing a position statement on behalf of the DAFVM Faculty Senate regarding the Presidential Search to be shared with division members who are also members of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee.

Hampton also shared with the DAFVM Faculty Senate the President’s Report to the Robert Holland Faculty Senate, which discusses the “Departmental and College Performance Measures and Expectations” document. The document is a proposal for a better way to evaluate departments. According to the report, department heads were told by the Provost in early November to develop performance standards for their discipline. The first drafts of the performance standards are due to the Provost by January 20. However, many department heads have not discussed this issue with faculty in their departments.


Report from the Vice Chair:

Steve Nichols stated that no one has been recommended to fill the current vacancies within the DAFVM faculty senate and now have a new vacancy due to Marty Brock leaving. There is a need to move forward on filling these vacancies. Hampton stated that he would contact the Agricultural Communications and Computer Applications and Services departments regarding their vacancy and asked Nichols to contact the other departments regarding their vacancies.


Report from Robert Holland Faculty Senate Representative:

Due to the fact that the Robert Holland Faculty Senate did not meet in December, there is no report.


Committee Reports:

Faculty Affairs Committee:

The Faculty Affairs Committee presented a list of concerns they developed to address problems with the Extension/Clinical /Research Faculty promotion policies and procedures document. The representative from the Robert Holland Faculty Senate, David Nagel, addressed these concerns. The concerns were as follows:

1.) Elected Representation:

Currently, there is no representation by Extension/Clinical/Research Faculty of Professorial Rank.

Recommendation by the committee: Allow elected representation on the University Promotion Committee.

2.) Complexity – “College level” Committees:

MSU-ES does not fit into any of “joint” committees within division.

Recommendation by the committee: Allow faculty member, department head, and college level administrator to determine the “appropriate” college level committee at time of initial appointment, or annual review.

3.) Service Component:

The language on service for promotion of non-tenure track promotion is not fully defined.

Recommendation by the committee: Service should be a part of the non-tenure track promotion document.

Michael Caprio made a motion to give this report to the DAFVM’s representative, Laura Grace, to present to the Robert Holland Faculty Senate. Cody Coyne seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

There were no other committee reports.


Unfinished Business:

There was no unfinished business.


New Business:

There was no new business.


Meeting adjourned.

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