DAFVM Faculty Senate


February 9, 2006 - 1:00 PM

Attending: Cliff Hampton (Chair), Steve Nichols (Vice-chair), Kirk Swortzel, Michael Seymour for Wayne Wilkerson, Al Rankins, Harvey Gordon, Deborah Gaddis, Hamid Borazjani, Laura Grace, Mike Kidd, Bill Evans, Linda Andrews, Dan Poston, Mark Shankle, and Cody Coyne.

Excused Absent: Wes Burger, Wes Schilling, Shane Burgess, and Sharon Grace, and Joe Fratesi.

Absent: Greg Ibendahl, Ken Willeford, Michael Caprio, and Robert Meyer.Cliff Hampton called the meeting to order and introduced our alternate member, Michael Seymour sitting in for Wayne Wilkerson.  Mike Kidd agreed to serve as recorder replacing Ms. Marty Brock who resigned from MSU.  Al Rankins motioned and Harvey Gordon seconded the approval of the minutes for last month. Senators approved the minutes.


Chair Report

Vacant Positions

Hampton requested Senators to look over the attached term of membership and update with the appropriate expiration dates.  Corrections should be forwarded to Steve Nichols or Hampton.

Election of Officers

Hampton identified the need to establish a nominating committee in March for elections in April.  New officers are to be in place for August of 2006. Steve Nichols requested that he not be considered for nomination for office of chair.  He felt it would be too hard serving in the chair position from Stoneville.

Holland Faculty Senate Report

Laura Grace reported that there were no changes concerning the P and T document by the Holland Senate. She announced that the Senate voted to accept their committee’s report as presented, without the input from the Division Senate. She further informed the senators that the document has been sent to Mississippi State University leadership and a copy to her for input. 

Division Senate Plan of Action

Mark Shankle motioned and Deborah Gaddis seconded that the Division Senate communicate to Dr. Watson our concerns in the document and that Faculty Affairs facilitate input for non-tenured faculty members of the Division of Agriculture. The Senate approved the motion.  Laura agreed to write a letter to Dr. Watson outlining the three major issues identified by the Division Senate of which the Holland Senate did not incorporate.

Faculty Affairs agreed to send the P and T document and the three recommendations to the entire Division Senate requesting members to circulate and gain recommendations from their non-tenure track faculty.  All input should be reported to Hamid, chair faculty affairs.  Hamid will provide a report at the next Senate meeting.


Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs

Hamid reported that the committee worked on a position statement for the president’s search and screening committee regarding the importances of the Land Grant.  He stated that the committee worked on input provided by two members. The suggestion from Deborah Gaddis was to provide a statement on the objective of Land Grant Institutions, so the presidential candidate would know the importance of Agriculture at Mississippi State University.  The Senate accepted the report of Faculty Affairs.


Resource Committee

Dan Poston reported that no action was made on strategies to offset the cost of travel, since mileage reimbursement had dropped by six cents to forty-four cents.  The Senate accepted the Resource Committee Report.


Auxiliary Affairs Committee

Deborah Gaddis will provide a report on how the senate can increase the visibility of Agriculture at Land Grant Institutions at the next meeting.There was no unfinished business.

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