DAFVM Faculty Senate


March 24, 2006

Attending: Al Rankins, Cliff Hampton, Deborah Gaddis, Hamid Borazjani, Wes Burger, Laura Grace, Michael Caprio, Wes Schilling, Mike Kidd, Bill Evans, Dan Poston, Cody Coyne, Shane Burgess, Sharon Grace, and Robert Meyer.

Excused Absences: Kirk Swortzel, Greg Ibendahl, Harvey Gordon, Linda Andrews, and Mark Shankle.

Absent: Wayne Wilkerson, Joe Fratesi, and KenWilleford.

This meeting was a makeup meeting from the Division Senate’s March 9, 2006 meeting.  Chair Cliff Hampton convened the March 9 meeting.  The Senate motioned, seconded, and unanimously approved the February 9, 2006 minutes.  The chair announced the vacancy of the Vice-Chair position, Steve Nichols, who has resigned from the University.  The chair asked for later comments regarding the filling of the Vice-Chair position.  At 1:30 the chair received notice that the University was closed due to severe weather.  The Senate motioned, seconded, and unanimously approved the continuation of the Division Senate meeting on March 23, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. in the Bost Extension Building, Room 205.     

March 23, 2006

The meeting was called to order by the chair, Clifford Hampton.  The chair acknowledged the approval of the February minutes during the March 9, 2006 meeting prior to adjourning due to severe weather.

Chair Report: The chair communicated the need to prepare for officer elections and directed senators to the attachment covering officer elections.   The senate reviewed and discussed the election process and who can participate in the election. The chair also requested senators to review the provided list of members whose term will expire in May to ensure the list is correct.  He also asked that all members review the provided term of office to ensure it is correct. Hampton noted that the 2007-2008 officers needed to be elected in May. Senate members serving one or two years on the senate can make nominations of officers.  Nominations should be sent to Cliff Hampton, chair. The last item of new business during our May meeting should be election of officers.  Elections to fill vacancies of senators whose terms will expire in May should be held by their departments at this time.  

Report from the Holland Faculty Senate Representative (Laura Grace):
Grace reported on the Holland Senate’s report regarding the office of Graduate Studies.  The report recommends the need to hire a leader for the office of Graduate studies.  Grace also noted that concerns expressed by the division senate regarding the P&T document have been sent to the Vice President. 

It was noted that non-tenure track faculty on soft money would not be subject to the new MSU P&T document, as they will not be granted release salary to serve on the committee.

Committee Reports: Auxiliary Affairs with Chair Debbie Gaddis, Bill Evans, Michael Caprio, and Shane Burgess met on how to increase the Division of Agriculture, and the Land Grant visibility. They reported as follows:

The Auxiliary Affairs Committee of DAFVM Faculty Senate was recently charged with making recommendations to the division senate about ways to increase the visibility of the division and the land grant system.  We see no easy, short answers to the charge. The committee was passionate in its discussions. Feedback to the committee from MSU Extension staff was also passionate and demonstrated a broad committee to renewing our land grant mission, and garnering support for that mission all the way from the individual citizen to the highest points of government.  The committee recommends that the Division and University take this opportunity to investigate their place in the state and the world and use their findings to determine the intellectual, economic, and social State of the Future.

To this end, the committee recommends a series of internal and external brainstorming and fact finding efforts, buttressed by professional marketing support, to determine state needs and wants. The committee then recommends that these findings be used to formulate actions to guide the university for the coming decades.  The committee also recommends that Agricultural Communications refine the comment packet into a more readable, cohesive, and cogent document.  We then ask that the Vice President review the document and consider distributing it to the entire division for further comment and discussion.

We recommend that the senate adopt our resolution supporting the committee’s recommendations and that suggestions from Extension staff be forwarded to Agricultural Communications and the leaders of the division.  Senate embraced the report. Comments were made that the success of the report will be institution wide, not just division (DAFVM).  Cliff indicated that we should package the document and send it to Dr. Watson.  He may take it to Ag Communications. The division senate accepted the Auxiliary Affairs report with minor modifications.  The senate should read the report, edit it, and then Debbie will package the document. Ag Communications will possibly do further editing.  This was motioned and seconded.

Faculty Affairs: Hamid Borazjani, chair, communicated to the senate that their charge was to get additional feedback on the P&T document from the division’s non-tenure track faculty.  Hamid presented the additional feedback, which was about two additional points.   The senate approved that Laura will work with Hamid to pull out bullets from the document and present them at the next meeting.

Resources Report: The resources committee was charged with identifying justification why division employees should be able to request vehicles in grant proposals.  Bill and Dan discussed elements of the pending Fleet Management Bill presently in the State Legislator.  It was suggested that the committees’ justification could also be utilized to ensure that the fleet management bill would not implicate the division.  Al mentioned the document on vehicles is critical for some Ag researchers.  The decrease in vehicles can cripple an individual’s research program.  The committee will draft bullets to present to the Division Senate at the next meeting

New Business: Action on the vacant Vice-Chair position.  Senators felt that since only two meetings remain prior to the end of this year’s term of office, no action would be taken to fill the Vice-Chair position.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:34.

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