DAFVM Faculty Senate


February 12, 2009
1:00 p.m

Ag Facult Senators With Excused Attendance
Hart Bailey
Alex Corzo (replacement maybe sent by Department Head)
Joe Fratesi
Laurie Grace
Tom Matney
Jody Ray
Tim Schauwecker
Wes Schilling

I. Sign-in and collect table name plaques

II. Call to Order

III. Report from Chair

  • Ag Division policy on out-of state travel restrictions
    - A meeting was scheduled with Dr. Melissa Mixon on the Tuesday following the January DAFVM meeting to discuss concerns related to possible variations in the approval and restrictions for state-supported out-of-state travel between different departments with the DAFVM. In addition, Dr. Mixon was presented with a Travel Resolution document drafted by the DAFVM Senate Faculty Affairs Committee and approved by members of DAFVM Senate.

    -Dr. Melissa Mixon met with the DAFVM Senators to explain several aspects related to out-of-state travel restrictions including the following considerations
    -a- The current intent is not to implement an across the board band on out-of-state travel but instead try and attempt to approve requests from faculty that have priority needs (e.g. presentation of research abstracts at national meetings).
    -b- The DAFVM will have approximately a $4.1 million budget cut between January 1, 2009 and July 1, 2009.
    -c- The DAFVM in the recent past has spent $0.5 million per year on travel expenses which is a figure that is difficult to defend during discussions with state legislators addressing requests for increases in budgetary support.
  • Committee report on non-tenure track promotion guidelines document
    - Preliminary concerns delineated by the ad hoc committee chaired by Dr. Jimmy Avery were presented at the DAFVM Deans and Department Heads meeting
    - Report from Dr. Jimmy Avery as chairman of the ad hoc committee revealed that they have completed their final assessment of the document addressing guidelines for the promotion of non-tenure track faculty. The final draft of the document will be forwarded by Dr. Avery to Dr. Melissa Mixon later today. A second ad hoc committee appointed by ORED has drafted a similar document in parallel with the DAFVM ad hoc committee.
  • Division Information from Deans and Department Heads Meeting
    -i- Meeting was cancelled by the Vice President for Agriculture
  • Robert Holland Faculty Senate
    -i- Report for January 9, 2009 meeting was presented.
  • Membership, committee assignments, and departmental representation.
    -a- DAFVM membership initially reviewed with Dr. Laura Grace and she will attempt to acquire the document drafted by Dr. Tom Knecht that describes current department DAFVM Senate representation.
    -b- DAFVM membership roster has been updated
    -c- DAFVM senator membership on committees have been assigned
    -d- Department DAFVM Senate representation has been updated.
    -e- Notices will be sent out to department heads to initiate elections in order to fill vacant DAFVM senatot positions for the 2009-2012 term.

V. Report from Vice-Chair
- No report available

VI. Discussion Topics: Old Business

  • Report from Faculty Affairs Sub-Committee related to review of parameters applied in the faculty annual review process.
    -a- Draft document will require further revision and has been temporarily tabled pending further review.
  • Review and approval of the minutes from January DAFVM Senate meetings.

VI. Discussion Topics: New Business

  • Solicitation of senators in attendance for topics and issues faculty
    consider important for the Ag Faculty Senate to address.

    -a- A request was offered by Dr. Jimmy Avery to review and clarify the mission statement for the DAFVM.
    -i- Dr. Bill Evans suggested that Charter 1. contained in the DAFVM By-Laws was fairly accurate in describing the missions of the DAFVM Senate.
    -ii- A copy of Charter 1.0 will be forwarded to the Faculty Affairs Committee for their review prior to the March DAFVM Senate Meeting.

    -b- A request was offered by Dr. Jimmy Avery that the DAFVM Senate solicit information from faculty within the division about their opinions regarding policies and procedures they feel the new Vice President for Agriculture should review and evaluate.
    -i- A common request statement will be drafted by Dr. Coyne and forwarded to all DAFVM senators for dissemination to the general faculty with the intent of acquiring comments prior to the March 2009 meeting.

  • Concept of establishing a Starkville Elementary School/Community Vegetable and Fruit Garden.

    A request was presented to the DAFVM Senators by the president (Coyne) regarding the concept of trying to initiate a program that would support the development of a Starkville Elementary School/Community Vegetable/Fruit Garden. Such a program could potentially be expanded statewide with assistance from county extension agents and possibly MSU extension faculty. The idea was received with general acceptance by DAFVM Senators in attendance. Further development of the idea will be addressed prior to the DAFVM March 12, 2009 meeting.

VII. Adjourn: 2:25 pm

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