DAFVM Faculty Senate


Bost Extension 205
September 10, 2009
1:00 p.m

DAFVM Faculty Senators with Excused Attendance: Jimmy Avery, Joseph Fratesi, Fred Musser, Shane Burgess, Carla Hutson

- Call to Order 1:00 pm

- Approval of minutes from 04-09-09. Dr Laurie Grace makes a motion to approve the minutes, motion second by Dr. Anna Hood.

- The DAFVM Chair reports about emergency meeting planned for next week between the College Deans and Department Heads, to discuss future budget concerns. Chair also provides a report on the general faculty meeting and Holland faculty senate agenda scheduled for tomorrow. Dr. Tim Walker requested some discussion about the employment of student workers.

- Committee assignments for DAFVM Faculty Senate were given.

- No report from vice-chair (absent)

- Discussion of new topics: Senators discussed the difference between departments regarding the internal-review process of peer-reviewed manuscripts. Dr. Laurie Grace made a motion requesting that the DAFVM Faculty Affairs Committee review the established internal-review policy and survey different departmental units. Dr. Barry Stewart seconds the motion.

- Dr. Melissa Mixon joined the DAFVM Faculty Senate session and provided an update on: Dr. Bohach’s status for arrival to Starkville; update on VP’s meeting with Dr. Keenum; economic forecast for FY2011 and FY2012 for the state of Mississippi.

- The DAFVM Chair discussed old business.

- In consideration of cost savings, senators and the Chair decided to deliver DAFVM documentation to the DAFVM senators in electronic format from now on.

- Adjourned 2:40 pm

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