DAFVM Faculty Senate


Bost Extension 205
November 12, 2009
1:00 p.m

Call to Order at 1 pm.

  • Dr. Melissa Mixon attended the meeting, and provided information regarding the visit that MSU received from Jackson legislators the previous week. Dr. Mixon also provided the senators with a budget outlook for the state, and outlined the latest information regarding University budget cuts.

    Dr. Mixon spoke of the importance of being conservative with expenditures by faculty and departments. There was some discussion by the senators with Dr. Mixon regarding ways to save and spend grant funds.

    Dr. Hart Bailey gave some insight regarding the recently created “MSU Efficiency Committee”. The main objectives of the committee were mentioned, and questions were answered regarding the way the committee will operate and present its recommendations.
  • DAFVM Secretary: After review, a motion to approve minutes of the October 8, 2009 DAFVM Faculty Senate meeting was made by  Mr. Harvey Gordon, and this motion was second by Dr. Laurie Grace.
  • Report from the Chair Dr. Cody Coyne was given regarding the Robert Holland Faculty Senate meeting of October 9, 2009.

Dr. Coyne addressed the issue regarding the “Travel Restriction Policy Review”. Issue was presented at DAFVM Deans and Department Heads meeting on November 4, 2009 where the following considerations were entertained:

  • Review the merits of the option of tentatively modify guidelines for evaluating faculty involved in extension and other FTE assignments significantly affected by restrictions in travel.
  • Consider suggesting to faculty within the DAFVM annually assemble factual-based impact statements pertaining to what impact travel restrictions have had on their respective FTE assignment.

Dr. Coyne requested that all senators who have units impacted by the travel restriction policy to survey their own specific units and provide some insight back to the chair.

Dr. Coyne informed that the following issues were addressed by the Vice President of Agriculture Dr. Gregory Bohach on November 4, 2009:

  • At the DAFVM Deans and Department Head’s meeting he stated that discrepancies should not be standard administrative practice and the topic has been brought for discussion at academic council.
  • Check Writing Policy within DAFVM: Dr. Bohach stated that there are concerns that it may be an obstacle to faculty serving on national committees and panels.
  • Internal Manuscript Review Policy: Pros and cons were discussed briefly as a report from DAFVM Senate. Dr. Jonathan Pote informed the DAFVM Dean’s and Department Heads that requirements for the internal review of manuscripts will no longer be a requirement if they will automatically be subjected to an external peer review prior to publication.
  • Dr. Hart Bailey moved to adjourn the meeting, and the motion was second by Dr. Laurie Grace.


Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.


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