DAFVM Faculty Senate


Bost Extension Building 205
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February 9, 2012
1:30 p.m.

Members attending included Hart Bailey, Ned Browning, Linda Breazeale, Jeremiah Davis for Amy Schmidt, Wayne Ebelhar, Sherrill Fleming, Jeff Gore, Harvey Gordon, Anna Hood, David Ingram, Matt Interis, David Lang, James Martin, Ian Munn, Fred Musser, and Barry Stewart.

Absent: Gary Bachman, Andrew Claude, Cody Coyne, Carol Ellington, Laurie Grace, Carla Huston, Lelia Kelly, Danny Magee, Zhoahua Peng, Amy Schmidt, Ty Schmidt, and Jessica Wells.

  1. Barry Stewart called the meeting to order.

  2. After changing attendance information, Harvey Gordon moved that the December 8, 2011, minutes be approved. Hart Bailey seconded. The motion carried.

  3. President’s report: Barry Stewart reviewed activities from the Robert Holland Faculty Senate.

    1. MSU President Mark Keenum reported a $500 million shortfall in funds that will not be available this session. MSU receives less per student than 10 years ago. Universities are working on multiyear tuition plans, and MSU’s will depend on legislative funding. Keenum said the state’s economy and tax revenues are positive.

    2. MSU’s Provost Jerry Gilbert is encouraging faculty to take part in the Quality Enhancement Plan listening sessions. He is continuing the early start program for incoming freshmen this summer in hope of relieving some fall semester pressures in high-demand classes. Aiken Village is vacant and ready for demolition and rebuilding on the site, except the project is on hold because estimates range from $14 million to $21 million.

    3. Tommy Stevens, director of the Office of Diversity and Equity Programs, requested to be involved in job searches to target more diversity.

    4. Senate President Meghan Millea said there are efforts to improve social media usage on campus.

    5. Senate Vice President Jerry Emison reported that MSU’s strategic plan soon will be released on the university’s website for review and comment.

    6. Stewart reported that the next major issue the Holland Senate will address will be changes to the Promotion and Tenure document.

  4. Unfinished business: David Ingram from the Faculty Affairs Committee is meeting with Extension Director Gary Jackson to discuss regional specialists answering to Research and Extension Center heads as well as department heads on campus. Jackson will be invited to attend the DAFVM Senate meeting on March 8.

  5. New business: DAFVM senate was asked to review the evaluation form. Barry Stewart recommended guidance for filling out the forms. The Scholarship of Outreach Committee (including Jimmy Avery and David Nagel) is working on a similar process. Harvey Gordon moved that it be turned over to the Academic Affairs Committee. Hart Bailey seconded. The motion carried.

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