DAFVM Faculty Senate


Bost Extension Building 205
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October 11, 2012
1:30 p.m.

Chairing: Barry Stewart

Prior meeting minutes will be approved at the next meeting.

Officer Elections

Dr. Stewart called for officer elections. Dr. Stewart was nominated by Harvey Gordon, seconded by Wayne Eblehar.  Vote by Acclamation
Matt Interis was elected VP by Acclamation.   
Secretary: Jason Gordon

Committee Elections
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Other Business
A question was raised regarding the function of the DAFVM Senate. Dr. Stewart described powers and responsibilities. Another representative asked if administration had provided the senate with a list of needed activities. Dr. Stewart said no, but said activities would include voting on the annual evaluation form as well responding to any requests from faculty in DAFVM. The Senate has a web site (dafvm.msstate.edu/senate) that describes functions and descriptions of senate and committees.

Suggestion was made to wait until final positions on committees are filled because several members could not attend this meeting.

Suggestion was made to update the membership contact information on the Senate web site.

Dr. Stewart suggested faculty committee can provide guidance about the annual evaluation form.

A member asked if there is a general university policy regarding the use of only 1 computer, regardless of funding source. Consensus among attendees is negative. Dr. Stewart said he will inquire about an official policy. 

A representative noted that his department needs to fill one more Senate position. Dr. Stewart explained guidelines: ≤ 20 = 1; 21-40 = 2; 41-60 = 3 representatives. Faculty and extension associates are eligible. Need to update any new department names on Senate paperwork.

Question raised concerning cell phones purchased using public funding. This was connected to a concern about other expenses being posted online as required by state legislature. The history of cell phone and state vehicle rules was explained by several members.

Question about any report for the General Faculty Senate. Dr. Stewart noted the first meeting of the year did not have any votes and some items were sent to committee.

Meeting adjourned at 2:13 pm by general consent.

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