DAFVM Faculty Senate


Bost Extension Building 205
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February 14, 2013
1:30 p.m.

Members attending included Hart Bailey, Linda Breazeale, Ned Browning, Jeremiah Davis, Wayne Ebelhar, Sherrill Fleming, Harvey Gordon, Jason Gordon, David Ingram, Matt Interis, Brandi Bourg Karisch, Lelia Kelly, Danny Magee, Ian Munn, Tibor Pechan, John Riggins, Sead Sabanadzovic, and Barry Stewart.

Additional guests: Greg Bohach, vice president for DAFVM, and Bill Herndon, associate vice president for DAFVM

Absent: Andrew Claude, Jim DelPrince, Brent Fountain, Jeff Gore, Chou Li, Robert Meyer, Dan Peterson, Dan Seale, and Jessica Wells

  1. Barry Stewart called the meeting to order. He introduced special guest, DAFVM Vice President Greg Bohach.

  2. Bohach thanked the Senate for their efforts, specifically related to the performance evaluation process.
    1. He said the Provost and the Vice President of Research want a single, university-wide evaluation form. Efforts are being made to ensure a form will accommodate clinical, faculty and extension personnel. He understands the desire not to have a numeric ranking measurement. He requested more guidance.
    2. David Ingram asked about those being evaluated by two department heads (such as academic department heads and Research and Extension Center heads). In most cases, the R&E Center heads provide supervision and the academic department heads are responsible for tenure and promotion. Those present agreed the system seems to be working.
    3. Other questions related to what constitutes “service.”
    4. Bohach said he has discussed Extension tenure issues with President Keenum. He said most states have tenure options for Extension personnel.
    5. Additional awards are being funded with an agreement with Regions Bank. Regions has pledged $10,000 per year for five years ($2,000 for personal salary and $500 for equipment). Recognition will be given in teaching, research, service, international efforts and Extension. These recognitions will help resumes when MSU faculty members are competing for national awards.

  3. Minutes from the Jan. 10, 2013, meeting were approved.

  4.  Special guest, Bill Herndon, offered administrative insights.
    1. Division employees are encouraged to minimize the use of their personal vehicles. Instead they should use university or rental transportation. He said incidental use of a university vehicle is allowed.
    2. The Legislature is considering re-instating cellphones for some university jobs.
    3. Herndon is on a task force to consider promotion and tenure issues for Extension. One issue at hand is that P&T committee members used to be required to have tenure. Efforts are under way to change that to allow nontenured Extension representatives to serve and have a vote on promotion, but not tenure.

  5. Old business: Send evaluation forms for additional comments to the vice president.
    1. Brandi Karisch and Ned Browning both requested an additional document to provide guidance in filling out the evaluation form.
    2. Danny Magee observed that the “true evaluation” should be in the narrative, not in pages 3 and 4.
    3. Jeremiah Davis moved, Sead Sabanadzovic seconded, that the signature page should remain after the narrative page. The motion carried.
    4. Tibor Pechan moved, Sead seconded, that the subsections on page 3 be removed, and simply leave the headings for teaching, research, service, administration and relevant activities. The motion carried.
    5. David Ingram moved, Ned Browning seconded, that the revised document be distributed. The motion carried.

  6. New business
    1. Tibor Pechan asked about the promotion policy for non-extension, non-research faculty. Herndon said IGBB is required to have a promotion policy. He said OP5606 is being revised and will address this situation.

The senate adjourned until the next meeting on March 7, 2013.

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