DAFVM Faculty Senate


Chairing: Barry Stewart
Meeting called to order at 1:30 pm.

Minutes. Prior meeting minutes unavailable. Harvey moved to approve prior meeting minutes at the next meeting. Seconded by Jason. Motion approved.

Faculty awards. Barry noted that the DAFVM Senate needs to review the faculty awards. The Awards Sub-committee (Harvey, Jeremiah, Brandi) will start working on this.

P&T Guidelines. Barry reported items from the Robert Holland Faculty Senate. They made a good intention to revise the P&T Guidelines, but we need to have them revise some of the language to clarify that non tenure track faculty can vote on promotions of peers. This makes sense because non tenure track faculty better know what the positions entail. A discussion about how the wording needs to be changed ensued. The Faculty Affairs committee (David, Brandi, Andy) of the DAFVM Senate will look into changes.

Discussion about GMOAs. A memo was sent by Dr. Hopper to MAFAES personnel regarding a 5-15% “tax” on GMOAs. This tax is additional overhead reviewed from the project. The participating senators agreed that the DAFVM Senate should submit a statement communicating the faculty’s opinion that the tax was not previously discussed with faculty. A question was asked regarding if an agency or donor does not allow overhead. The reply was that the gift would become a specific MOA instead of general. Barry said the Holland Faculty Senate would be looking at the issue on 9/13 and therefore the DAFVM Senate should wait to develop a statement. 

Elections. Barry completed his maximum of 3 years as president. John Kushla was nominated and elected president of DAFVM Senate. John Riggins elected vice president. Jason Gordon volunteered for second opportunity to be secretary.

Parking issue at Dorman Hall. Barry was asked by David Lang to look into parking at Dorman Hall. The gating of other parking lots has resulted in crowding at Dorman. In particular, there are not enough handicapped parking spaces. Some spaces that exist are not legally designated. Senate participants decided this is a department and parking services issue.

Bylaws. Barry and John recommended that the DAFVM bylaws be revised to make elections easier (e.g., change the date of elections from the first meeting to a time when more senators can participate).

Vacancies. There is a senate position available from Central R&E.

Next meeting. October 10 at 1:30, Bost 205.

Adjourn 2:30 pm

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