DAFVM Faculty Senate


Chairing: John Kushla

Meeting called to order at 1:34 pm.

Motion to approve minutes from 10/10/13. Dr. Donna Peterson from Human Sciences asked minutes to be amended as she attended the meeting but was not included on the roll call. Motion with amendment unanimously approved.

Ag Communications – not filled
Central R&E (2) – not filled

John asks senators to review bylaws and send him revisions/comments by email unless there are any immediate comments.

P&T Guidelines
John sent the letter from the DAFVM Senate to Dr. Coyne with the Faculty Affairs committee of the Holland Faculty Senate. Brent communicated with John that the committee will discuss the letter and he expects it will be discussed on the floor of the full senate. He does not know how the full senate in January will respond; however, he sees it as a minor issue. John asked if there is anything else that needs to be presented to the Holland Senate. None suggested.

New Business
Dr. Bohach discussed annual review revisions made by department heads and deans. He explains the annual review form is being revised to improve consistency and include a better format for Extension. He asked us to review it and send him feedback.

Dr. Herndon discusses the changes by page and his interpretations of department head comments (in red). An electronic copy will be distributed to Senate members.

Dr. Bohach provided updates on the budget. John asked about allocation for facilities and Dr. Bohach said this would not impact DAFVM significantly.

Dr. Bohach updated the Senate on  the tenure-track issue. He is continuing to work on this, it is a major goal, but an uphill battle. There is some misinformation out there. E.g., there will be no grandfathering in existing non-tenure track faculty.

Dr. Bohach updates on affordable care act. Department heads have been given a presentation on how it affects the University.

Dr. Bohach said there will be no more Thursday football games because they are disruptive.

2:05 pm by unanimous vote.


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