DAFVM Faculty Senate


February 13, 2014
Meeting called to order at 1:31

Attendance: Barry Stewart, Bisoondat Macoon, Brent Fountain, Chinling Wang, Chuck Mischke, Chuo Li, Dan Seale, Daniel Rivera, Danny Magee, David Christiansen, Donna Peterson, Harvey L. Gordon Sr., John Kushla, John Riggans, Nina Abou-Ghanem, Robin Fontenot, Sherrill Fleming, Tibor Pechan, Tom Eubank, Wei Zhai

Minutes: Motion was approved to accept minutes from 1/9/14


  • Introduction of attendees
  • Formation of standing committees
    • Parliamentarian: John Kushla appointed John Riggins
    • Academic Affairs: Chinling Wang and Julie Parker volunteered
    • Ancillary affairs: Robin Fontenot & Donna Peterson volunteered
    • Bylaws: status full (Kushla, DelPrince, Gordon, Stewart)
    • Faculty Affairs: Stewart, Bisoondat Macoon
    • Resources: Pechan, Seale
  • Committee Reports
    • Faculty Affairs/Holland Faculty Senate Report (Stewart)
      • Holland Faculty Senate meeting
        • P&T guidelines update
          • Issue is that in the past, non-tenure track faculty could vote on promotion but not on tenure. This was changed last April, and disallowed non-tenure track faculty from voting on promotion. DAVFM Senate is working to get this language struck. Faculty senate Faculty affairs committee looked at this and voted to leave things as they are currently. Has to be discussed at two meetings. Was debated last month. Dr. Brian Baldwin was called in to discuss how committees in comprehensive departments work.
          • Email from Dr. Emison was read. Deliberation will continue at the next Holland Faculty Senate Meeting
        • Dr. Kushla passed out a letter from Laurie Grace
        • Dr. Kushla read a statement he hopes to present to the Holland Senate tomorrow and asked for feedback
          • Arguing in favor for allowing non-tenured faculty to vote on promotion, but not tenure
          • Motion to attempt to provide solidarity during Kushla’s remarks by showing up to the Holland Senate meeting was passed unanimously
          • Motion to approve Kushla’s planned remarks was passed without revision
          • Suggestion made to contact Dr.’s Jackson, Hopper, and Bohach and ask for support for this from Department heads and faculty within the DAFVM who agree with his position to revise the current status of the non-tenure track faculty’s ability to vote on promotion
          • Chinling Wang asked if any other Universities allow NTTF to vote on promotion on TTF? Her impression is others do not.
          • Seale asked if NTTF outnumber TTF in any dept. within the Division
        • DAFVM Faculty Senate voted unanimously to support Dr. Kushla’s comments
      • Bylaws (Kushla)
        • Charter and Bylaws passed out
          • Following problems were found:
            • Definition of a quorum is currently 50%, which has historically made holding meetings problematic.
            • No description of Secretary was provided. Duties of that office were added
          • Elections are problematic because May attendance is too low
          • Kushla expressed a desire to form a standing Nomination Committee to handle the nomination process, rather than the Chair
          • Electronic Ballots were discussed
          • Kushla asked for a motion to accept the bylaws revisions in current form with necessary changes. Moved (?) and Seconded (Stewart)
            • Amendment to strike the first line of duties for Secretary
            • Amend electronic ballot and Nomination committee language
            • Change language so electronic ballot is secret (strike acclamation and not secret ballot language)
            • Informal vote was taken to poll senate on definition of quorum. 4 voted for 50%, and 7 voted for 33%
          • Vote to table current discussion on Bylaws until next meeting
      • Chair had to leave for another appointment.  Meeting adjourned 2:43PM.

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