DAFVM Faculty Senate


November 13, 2014

Attending: Matt Interis, Daniel Rivera, David Christiansen, Chuck Mischke, Don Cook, Brent Fountain, Donna Peterson, Nina Abou-Ghanem, John Kushla, Wei Zhai, Sherrill Fleming

Excused: Brandi Karisch, Stephanie Ward, Brian Williams, Sead Sabanadzovic, Bisoondat Macoon, Jason Gordon, Julie Parker, Brian Henry

Absent: Harvey Gordon, Anna Linhoss, John Riggins, Bindu Nanduri, Chingling Wang, Robert Meyer, Robin Fontenot, Michael Mauel, Danny Magee, Tom Matney, Chuo Li, Jim DelPrince

Meeting called to order at 1:35pm

Minutes were distributed before meeting.  Motion to approve minutes passed.

Senate Membership:

2 new members added (PSS and CVM)

Dr. Barry Stewart rotated off Senate, so Dr. Donna Peterson took over his role of Secretary.

An additional member on the Faculty Affairs Committee was requested; no volunteers


Elections will be conducted electronically.  Need some who has experience with Qualtrics or another online survey system to serve on the Nomination Committee to assist with the process.

Standing Reports/Unfinished Business:

Bylaws Committee:  Additional revisions to department names were made.  May circulate to Senate for one final review prior to sending to full faculty to ensure department names are correct.  A clean copy of Charter and Bylaws will be distributed to all faculty for approval of revisions via a yes/no vote for the overall document.  Thirty days are needed for the voting process.  A simple majority is required for approval.  Lisa Noffsinger will send the revised document and voting link to faculty when Senate has finalized Charter and Bylaws.

Faculty Affairs:  A revised version of the publication incentives letter was reviewed.  Additional edits were requested and Senate will review again prior to submission to Dr. Bohach.

New Business:

Next business meeting is January 8th at 1:30pm (no business meeting in December)

Holland Faculty Senate scheduled to vote on the change to the Faculty Handbook related to non-P&T faculty participation on committees

Dr. Kushla moved to adjourn at 2:15pm.  Seconded by Dr. Christiansen.

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