DAFVM Faculty Senate


February 12, 2015

Attending: Bill Herndon, John Kushla, Anna Linhoss, Matt Interis, Bisoondat Macoon, Stephanie Ward, Brian Williams, Sead Sabanadzovic, Sherrill Fleming, Robin Fontenot, Chuck Mischke, Don Cook, Donna Peterson, Julie Parker, Brien Henry, David Jones

Excused: John Long, Brandi Karisch, Robert Meyer, Jason Gordon, Brent Fountain, Nina Abou-Ghanem, Wei Zhai

Absent: John Riggins, Daniel Rivera, Bindu Nanduri, Chingling Wang, David Christiansen, Michael Mauel, Tom Matney, Chuo Li, Jim DelPrince, James Martin, Greg Bohach, Lisa Noffsinger

Meeting called to order at 1:30pm

Minutes were distributed before meeting.  Motion to approve minutes passed.

New members, Dr. David Jones (Sustainable Bioproducts), Dr. John Long (4-H Youth Development), and Dr. Anna Linhoss (Ag & Bio Engineering) were welcomed.

Standing Committee Reports/Unfinished Business:

Bylaws:  Election ballot to approve changes to charter and bylaws was distributed via Qualtrics.  Vote will close on Friday, February 13, 2015.  To be approved, it must pass by a majority of the people who voted.

Faculty Affairs:  Dr. Bohach expressed interest in publication incentives and is considering options.

Nominations:  Dr. Interis agreed to serve on the Nominations committee.

Parking:  Dr. Williams drafted a letter for the DAFVM Faculty Senate to review at the next meeting related to parking issues (visitor parking, difficulty finding spots, long waitlists for gated lots).  Dr. Herndon reviewed the changed to visitor parking presented last month.

Office of the Vice President:  1) Department Head evaluations will be conducted online using a redesigned form revised with input from Department Heads.  Evaluation for Deans/Directors/VPs is coming, but it is unclear who will complete that evaluation.  2) Dr. Jackson will attend the 2/13/15 Holland Faculty Senate meeting to introduce the idea of all Extension faculty being eligible for tenure.  Tenure will never be retroactive.  3) Retired faculty are now eligible for new IDs that say “Emeritus” rather than “Retired.”  4) An 8% budget increase will be requested from legislature primarily for faculty/staff salaries and some equipment. Dr. Keenum gave approval for some additional units to request an additional 3% increase (total 11%) to address certain priority areas.

New Business:

Dr. Macoon’s department would like training on how to complete the new annual review form.  The group felt it would be best for specific departments to provide this training.  An additional question from the department pertained to policies regarding the frequency of faculty meetings.  To our knowledge, there is no such policy.

Next meeting is March 12, 2015 at 1:30pm, Bost 205

Move to adjourn at 2:15pm. All approved.

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