DAFVM Faculty Senate


April 9, 2015

Attending:  Bill Herndon, Anna Linhoss, Brandi Bourg Karisch, Stephanie Ward, Matt Interis, Sead Sabanadzovic, Bisoondat Macoon, Daniel Rivera, Sherrill Fleming, Charles Mischke, Don Cook, Brent Fountain, Donna Peterson, Julie Parker, John Kushla, Brien Henry, David Jones

Excused: Nina Abou-Ghanem, Greg Bohach, David Christiansen, Michael Mauel, Jason Gordon, Lisa Noffsinger, Tom Matney, Brian Williams, Wei Zhai

Absent:  John Long, John Riggins, Bindu Nanduri, Chinling Wang, Robert Meyer, Robin Fontenot, Chuo Li, Jim DelPrince

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m.

Minutes of March meeting were distributed.  Motion to approve by Dr. Parker; second by Dr. Karisch.  Minutes accepted. 

Standing Committee Reports:

Bylaws: Dr. Kushla sent a report to faculty via email regarding the vote results (approved) on changes to the DAFVM bylaws and charter.  The email also requested representatives from departments not currently represented.

Faculty Affairs: Discussion on publication incentive is continuing within a committee formed for the purpose of determining criteria for a publication award.

Nominations: A request for nominations for DAFVM officers will be sent via email to senators.  An electronic ballet will then be created, with senators having one month to vote.

Resources: Dr. Williams is developing a letter regarding the issue of faculty parking on campus.

Holland Faculty Senate: The Holland Senate will meet on April 10th to install new senators and hold elections for officers. Three topics that will be discussed: 1) Report from committee reviewing the DAFVM annual evaluation form for potential adoption by entire university; 2) Ancillary Affairs will make a request to Provost to create an anti-bullying policy on campus; and 3) and ad hoc committee for expansion of tenure track faculty to include new Extension and MAFES faculty will be formed.

Office of Vice President: Dr. Herndon reported that the DAFVM annual evaluation form is currently being used by DAFVM and ORED, but not academic units. However, the form will need some modifications before it is used again. Regarding budget requests, IHL received a 4% increase (E&G funds – 2.5% for raises).  Four units in DAFVM (Extension, MAFES, FWRD, and CVM) all received a 5% increase.  The state legislature bond bill funded $12.1 million for the Animal and Dairy Sciences/Poultry Sciences complex as well as $2.2 million for renovation and rehabilitation (of which DAFVM gets approximately 25%).

Unfinished Business: none

New Business: Next DAFVM Senate meeting will be May 14 @1:30pm in 205 Bost

Motion to adjourn at 2:22 by Dr. Ward; second by Dr. Karisch; all approved.

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