DAFVM Faculty Senate


May 14, 2015

Anna Linhoss, Stephanie Ward, Matt Interis, Bisoondat Macoon, Charles Mischke, Donna Peterson, John Kushla, Brien Henry, David Jones, Susan Seal, Jiaxu Li

Michael Mauel, Tom Matney, Nina Abou-Ghanem, Greg Bohach, Bill Herndon, Lisa Noffsinger, Robin Fontenot, Sherrill Fleming, Julie Parker, Wei Zhai

John Long, Brandi Bourg Karisch, John Riggins, Sead Sabanadzovic, Bindu Nanduri, Chinling Wang, Robert Meyer, David Christiansen, Jason Gordon, Chuo Li, Jim DelPrince, Don Cook, Brent Fountain, Daniel Rivera, Brian Williams, Lureen Walters

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m.

Minutes of April meeting were distributed.  Motion to approve by Dr. Jones; second by Dr. Macoon.  Minutes accepted. 

Standing Committee Reports:

Bylaws: A copy of the recently approved charter and bylaws will be posted on the DAFVM website.

Faculty Affairs: Discussion on publication incentive is continuing.  Dr. Ward has information on APLU awards and will follow-up to obtain criteria for each of the awards.  The goal is to have the award ready for Fall 2015.  The subcommittee may meet during the summer to continue this work.  Anyone who wants to join this subcommittee should contact Dr. Ward.

Nominations: Voting for DAFVM officers occurred online from 4/22/15 – 5/13/15.  Newly elected officers include:  Dr. Stephanie Ward (Chair), Dr. David Jones (Vice Chair), and Dr. Donna Peterson (Secretary).
Holland Faculty Senate: New officers were named.  A subcommittee is being formed to discuss the possibility of tenure for Extension, Clinical, and Research faculty.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:
1) Dean Hopper has requested a position statement from the DAFVM Faculty Senate on the issue of tenure for Extension, Clinical, and Research faculty.  2) During the summer months, any needed discussions will occur via email.  3) Dr. Ward raised the idea of having a committee of faculty who can review grant proposals internally before submission to the official funding agency.  A letter to Dr. Bohach for this proposal will be drafted by a subcommittee of the Faculty Affairs committee (Dr. Ward and Dr. Macoon).  4) The first DAFVM Senate meeting this fall will be August 13 @1:30pm in 205 Bost.

Motion to adjourn at 2:06 by Dr. Macoon; all approved.

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