DAFVM Faculty Senate


August 20, 2015

Attending:  Dr. Greg Bohach, Dr. Bill Herndon, Dr. George Hopper (guest), Dr. Scott Willard (guest), Anna Linhoss, Stephanie Ward, Bisoondat Macoon, John Long, Brian Williams, Lurleen Walters, Florencia Meyer, Ryan Butler, David Christiansen, Charles Mischke, Don Cook, Brittney Oliver, Susan Seal, Nin Abou-Ghanem, Wei Zhai, Brien Henry, Raja Reddy, David Jones, Wes Neal

Excused: Brandi Karisch, Jiaxu Li, Eric Stafne, Bindu Nanduri, Chinling Wang, Sherrill Fleming, Michael Mauel, Donna Peterson, John Kushla,

Absent: Robin Fontenot, Jason Gordon, Tom Matney, Chou Li

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m.

  • Dr. George Hopper and Dr. Scott Willard were invited to address the Senate regarding the request for a letter of support for tenure for extension and research faculty be sent to the Holland Faculty Senate from the DAFVM Senate. Dr. Hopper commented that this issue could affect as many as 44% of CALS/CFR faculty. This is a much larger percentage than any other unit on campus, thus he sees it as important that members of the HFS understand the support from the DAFVM faculty. Dr. Hopper commented on the importance of tenure for faculty to be able to complete their assignments without fear of losing employment, increasing their academic freedom. Dr. Hopper also commented that tenure track positions would only be allowed for extension and research faculty that are ‘hard funded’, meaning their permanent, state funded positions. Tenure would not be available to faculty in a ‘soft’ or externally funded, non-permanent position.

    Dr. Scott Willard pointed out that one major issue in previous discussions among faculty and within the HFS was that the definition of teaching would have to change. Dr. Willard referenced (and read) the definition of instruction in the Faculty Handbook and made it clear that the definition of instruction would not change, as it already includes a description of instruction activities related to research and extension.

    Dr. Bohach echoed Dr. Hopper and Willard’s comments and also said he supported tenure for extension and research faculty. Dr. Bohach has discussed other options for awarding tenure with Dr. Keenum that include tenure recommendations originating from the VP for DAFVM’s office. This would be a good option if HFS and Dr. Keenum do not support tenure for extension/research faculty. However, it would still lead to a two caste system, which the University would like to avoid for many reasons.
    After hearing comments from Drs. Hopper, Willard, and Bohach, the DAFVM Senate voted unanimously to write a letter of support to the Holland Faculty Senate. Dr. Ward agreed to draft a letter for review by the committee prior to the Sept meeting of DAFVM Senate.
  • Minutes from the May meeting were distributed, read, and approved.
  • No reports received from standing committees. Several members have rotated off the Senate and current members were asked to consider joining a committee. Dr. Ward will ask for volunteers at Sept meeting.
  • The DAFVM Publication Award guidelines were discussed. Questions, comments, and edits were given. Dr. Ward will make those changes and bring it back to the Senate for a vote in Sept meeting. Dr. Bohach strongly encouraged this to be completed asap, so it could be awarded Summer 2016.
  • Comments from the VP’s office:
    • Dr. Bohach discussed Prop 42 and encouraged all senators to contact their local representatives and to vote in the upcoming race.
    • Dr. Bohach commented that all the administrators of Universities represented by IHL have agreed to ask for a 3% increase in salary funds as a priority. Other programming funds may be requested, but the salary increase is the primary for each institution.

No new business was brought before the committee. Motion was made to adjourn and meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

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