DAFVM Faculty Senate

Minutes of DAFVM Senate Meeting: October 8, 2015

Attending:  Bill Herndon, Brandi Karisch, Jiaxu Li, Anna Linhoss, John Long, Bisoondat Macoon, Brittney Oliver, Raja Reddy, Susan Seal, Stephanie Ward

Excused: Jason Barrett, Jason Butler, Don Cook, Sherrill Fleming, Robin Fontenot, John Kushla, Michael Mauel, Charles Mischke, Florencia Myer, Bindu Nanduri, Wes Neal, Donna Peterson, Eric Stafne, Lurleen Walters, Brian Williams, Wei Zhai

Absent: Ryan Butler, David Christiansen, Jason Gordon, Brien Henry, Chou Li, Tom Matney, Chinling Wang

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m.

Not enough members were present for a quorum, therefore the approval of September minutes was postponed until the November meeting.

Chair Report: Dr. Stephanie Ward

Holland Faculty Senate received the letter from the DAFVM regarding tenure for Extension and Research faculty.

A letter from Provost Jerry Gilbert sent to the Holland Faculty Senate was distributed. The letter included a request to establish the special committee to look at the expansion of the tenure-track faculty category.  It also includes questions that the Provost would like for the special committee to consider.  The DAFVM Faculty Senate has answered several of those questions in the letter previously mentioned.

A collection of information put together by Dr. Scott Willard was also distributed and discussed. (Attached). This information was collected in response to the DAFVM Senate’s desire to provide additional information to the HFS special committee. Other information is still being collected including:

  • Teaching by Non-tenure track faculty
  • Number of publications
  • Amount of research dollars
  • Number of graduate students advised (past 5 years)
  • Number of failed searches and failed retentions due to absence of tenure associated with position. (Herndon)

Action Requested by Chair Stephanie Ward to DAFVM Senators: 

  • Review Provost’s letter, particularly the questions, and submit comments regarding our response
  • Review additional information and submit comments

Vice Chair David Jones resigned. There is not a quorum to elect a new chair, therefore nominations will be open until the November meeting. 

Brandi Karisch was nominated by Bisoondat Macoon. Other nominations can be made via email. Send to Chair Stephanie Ward.

New positions are still waiting to be filled for the following:

    • Extension Center for Technology Outreach
    • Geo-Resources Institute

Report from the Office of the Vice President:  Dr. Bill Herndon

    • Update regarding faculty positions:  406 FTE funded with 80 being from CALS/CFR
    • When international scientists are visiting, there must be a Visitor’s Agreement completed and signed prior to visit.
    • Committee headed by Tim Chamblee has been established to develop a single evaluation form for all of campus. The DAFVM evaluation is being considered. Reps from DAFVM are Dr. Gary Jackson, Dr. Scott Willard and Dr. Bill Herndon
    • Searches include:
      • MSU-ES Associate Director for Agriculture and Natural Resources:  1 candidate, Dr. Steve Martin, October 30th
      • Associate Vice President for International Programs, Executive Director, International Institute:  First committee meeting Oct 21
    • One Outside Employment form is being developed for all of campus.  The DAFVM form is being considered and is expected to the accepted with changes.
    • A new department head has been hired for Food Science and Health Promotion:  Dr. Will Evans will begin Dec 1, 2015
    • Departments have been asked to prepare for a 7.8% reduction if Initiative 42 passes.
    • Active shooter workshops have been held
    • Herndon attended a MEMA training regarding Hi-Path Avian Influenza.  An outbreak would affect most of DAFVM.

Committee Reports

Meeting adjourn and next meeting
No new business was brought before the Senate.

A motion was made by Dr. Karisch to adjourn, seconded by Dr. Reddy.
Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting November 12th

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