DAFVM Faculty Senate

Minutes of DAFVM Senate Meeting: February 11, 2016

Attending:  George Hopper, Stephanie Ward, Brian Williams, Lurleen Walters, Jiaxu Li, Florencia Myer, Bindu Nanduri, Bisoondat Macoon, David Christiansen, Sherrill Fleming, Michael Mauel, Charles Mischke, Jason Gordon, Brittney Oliver, Donna Peterson, Susan Seal, Nina Abou-Ghanem, Chou Li, Wei Zhai, Brien Henry, Raja Reddy, Wes Neal, Jason Barrett, Scott Samson

Excused: Anna Linhoss, Brandi Karisch, Robin Fontenot, Don Cook, Tom Matney, Mariah Morgan

Absent: John Long, Eric Stafne, Chinling Wang, Ryan Butler, John Kushla

Meeting called to order at 1:33 p.m.

September 2015 and October 2015 minutes were approved.

Report from the Office of the Vice President:  Dr. George Hopper

  • The DAFVM faculty annual evaluation form is being reviewed for potential adoption university-wide.
  • Discussion of tenure for Extension, MAFES, and FWRC faculty is still continuing.  In December 2015, Drs. Hopper, Bohach, and Jackson met with the university committee to clarify misunderstandings.  During the Spring Faculty Meeting, Dr. Keenum indicated that he supported tenure for these groups.
  • In January, received a 1.5% funding rescission from the state for FY16 funds.  Initial solution was taking vacant positions.  At February state appropriations budget hearing, DAFVM will request 3% salary increase for faculty and staff.
  • Meat Science/Muscle Biology lab is open for bids.
  • Animal Science and Dairy buildings have been approved.

Chair Report: Dr. Stephanie Ward At Department Heads meeting:

  • MSU’s Emergency Operating Policy was presented.  Two systems are in place:  1) crisis action team and 2) emergency communication.  Department heads have been asked to write incident management plans for their buildings.  Classrooms will have management plans posted. 
  • New roles in DAFVM:
    • Keith Coble – Ag Econ interim department head
    • Steve Turner – SRDC Director
    • Steve Martin – Associate Director, Ag and Natural Resources
    • Reuben Moore – North Mississippi Research and Extension Center interim head
    • Sherry Surrette – Coastal Research and Extension Center interim head
  • Dr. Shaw and ORED are creating a committee to help with grant development/writing for larger, collaborative federal efforts.
  • Interviews for the position of Associate Vice President for International Programs are underway.
  • Promotion & Tenure packets are under review and due to President.
  • William White Awards are under review.
  • List of updated operating policies was shared.

Holland Faculty Senate Committee Report

  • Holland Faculty Senate is reviewing all AOPs.
  • Teaching Evaluation Committee review is still in process.  The current AOP allows for choice of paper or online teaching evaluations, but OIRE is still determining best way to do this.
  • Tenure ad hoc committee is still gathering information.  The Provost asked the Holland Faculty Senate to address 9 specific questions regarding tenure.

No other standing committee reports.

Unfinished Business

  • Holland Faculty Senate was asked to help address 9 questions from Provost.  Another faculty member provided responses and the information that DAFVM was putting together.  Motion made and seconded that DAFVM Faculty Senate would not submit a formal response.  Vote taken, motion carried.

New Business

  • New DAFVM Senators were introduced.
  • David Jones, DAFVM Vice Chair, is no longer at MSU.  Brandi Karisch was nominated to fill the vacant position.  Motion made and seconded to close nominations and accept by acclamation.  Vote taken, motion carried.
  • In March, several DAFVM Senators will be rotating off.  Request made to remind department heads that new senators will need to be elected.

Meeting Adjourn and Next Meeting

Motion made and seconded to adjourn meeting at 2:22pm.

Next meeting will be March 10, 2016.


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