DAFVM Faculty Senate

Minutes of DAFVM Senate Meeting: March 10, 2016

Attending:  Greg Bohach, Stephanie Ward, Anna Linhoss, Brandi Karisch, Jiaxu Li, Florencia Myer, Bindu Nanduri, Bisoondat Macoon, Michael Mauel, Jason Gordon, Donna Peterson, Susan Seal, Chou Li, John Kushla, Raja Reddy, Mariah Morgan, Jason Barrett

Excused: Lurleen Walters, Sherrill Fleming, Charles Mischke, Don Cook, Tom Matney, Nina Abou-Ghanem, Wei Zhai, Wes Neal,

Absent: John Long, Brian Williams, Eric Stafne, Chinling Wang, Ryan Butler, Robin Fontenot, Brittney Oliver, David Christiansen, Brien Henry, Scott Samson

Meeting called to order at 1:40pm

Motion made to accept February 2016 minutes.  Motion carried, minutes approved.

No Chair Report

Report from the Office of the Vice President: Dr. Greg Bohach

  • Bids for Meat Science/Muscle Biology labs are in; project will move forward with groundbreaking in April or May. Targeted completion date is 2018.
  • US Department of Labor is considering raising the salary limit for overtime exemption to approximately $51,000 (from $23,600) to be exempt from being paid overtime.  Such a change would significantly impact DAFVM.
  • Policy is being written on where concealed weapons and enhanced concealed weapons can be brought onto campus to comply with state law. 

Holland Faculty Senate: Dr. Stephanie Ward

  • Ad Hoc Committee that was asked to address the Provost’s letter with questions regarding tenure for Extension and Research faculty will report at March 11, 2016 HFS meeting
  • Discussion is continuing regarding moving Teaching Evaluation Forms to an online system.
  • Student Association on campus working to make MSU a smoke-free campus.  Holland Faculty Senate ultimately voted in favor of supporting a smoke-free campus, with the agreement that HFS could review the policy before final approval. 

No other Standing Committee reports.

Unfinished Business:

  • Dr. Brandi Karisch will serve as the DAFVM Faculty Senate Vice Chair.
  • Current roster of DAFVM Faculty Senators was distributed and reviewed.  Departments need to hold elections to replace Senators whose terms expire in June 2016; terms are for three years.  Ideally those elections will be held soon so new Senators can be announced at May DAFVM Faculty Senate meeting.

New Business:

  • DAFVM Publication Award is moving forward.

Motion to adjourn, seconded 2:29pm.



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