DAFVM Faculty Senate

Minutes of DAFVM Senate Meeting: November 10, 2016

Attending: Jason Barrett, Anna Linhoss, Bill Herndon, Bindu Nanduri, Brien Henry, Brittney Oliver, Caleb Lemley, Don Cook, Donna Peterson, Florencia Meyer, Greg Bohach, Jiaxu Li, Kelley Wamsley, Lurleen  Walters, Mariah Morgan, Mike Barnes, Ryan Butler, Simone Hinz, Stephen Meyers, Susan Seal, Tom Allen, Wes Neal, John Long

Excused: Bisoondat Macoon, Brandi Karisch, Brian Williams, David Christiansen, Eric Stafne, Jason Gordon, Raja Reddy,

Absent: Chinling Wang, Chuo Li, John Willis, Kurt Showmaker, Lisa Noffsinger, Michael Mauel, Scott Samson, Sherrill Fleming,

Meeting called to order: 1:30 pm by Dr. Jason Barrett

Motion made to accept October 13, 2016 minutes. Vote taken, all in favor, motion carried.

Chair report: nothing to report

Office of Vice President: Dr. Bohach and Dr. Herndon

  • Ongoing Searches and review of potential candidates for the Costal R&E and the NE R&E.
  • Job Announcement for the Director Water Resources Institute has been released.
  • Budget 1 ½% decrease in FY16 and 1.6% decrease for FY17. No other cuts anticipated.
  • Joseph Tillman, an MSU Student was killed over the weekend.
  • Overview of building projects were reviewed from last meeting
  • Dr. Brian Henry asked that the administration keep in mind the affect that limited classroom space has on scheduling for those students on graduation deadlines.  Especially those requiring larger classroom spacing.

Committees: No reports

  • Academic Affairs:  Simone Hinz, Lurleen Waters, Donna Peterson
  • Ancillary Affairs: Mariah Morgan, Sherill Fleming, Chuo Li
  • Bylaws: John Long
  • Faculty Affairs: Brian Williams, Bisoondat Macoon, David Christiansen, Bindu Nanduri
  • Nominations: Susan Seal
  • Resources: Bindu Nanduri, Jason Gordon
  • Holland Faculty Senate: 

New Business:

  • Dr. Herndon and Dr. Bohach presented and update on the evolution of the annual evaluation document. The university if trying to develop one evaluation form for all departments.
  • Dr Bohach offered to host the December meeting of campus.
  • Mariah Morgan: asked that we give her input into the classrooms that need updating.

Next meeting: Tentatively set for Dec 8, 2016 1:30 pm Bost 205.

Motion to adjourn made at 2:05. Vote taken, all in favor, motion carried.

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