DAFVM Faculty Senate

Minutes of DAFVM Senate Meeting: March 9, 2017

Attending: Bill Herndon, Greg Bohach, Bindu Nanduri, Bisoondat Macoon, Brandi Karisch, Brien Henry, Brittney Oliver, Caleb Lemley, Chuo Li, Don Cook, Donna Peterson, Greg Bohach, Jason Barrett, Jason Gordon, Jiaxu Li, John Long, Kelley Wamsley, Kurt Showmaker , Mariah Morgan, Raja Reddy, Stephen Meyers, Wes Neal, Anna Linhoss

Excused: Brian Williams, David Christiansen, Eric Stafne, Florencia Meyer, Mike Barnes, Sherrill Fleming, Simone Hinz, Susan Seal, Tom Allen

Absent: Chinling Wang, John Willis , Lisa Noffsinger, Lurleen  Walters, Michael Mauel, Ryan Butler, Scott Samson

Meeting called to order: 1:30 pm by Chair, Dr. Karisch.

Motion made to accept November 9, 2016 minutes. Vote taken, all in favor, motion carried.

Chair report: nothing to report

Report from Dean/Director: Dr. Bohach and Dr. Hopper

  • The University is experiencing budget cuts and additional cuts are for the next fiscal year. CALS is rapidly growing and recruitment is able to offset cuts through enrollment. The current plan is to offset the cuts by holding vacancies open, being more prudent in travel, buying less equipment, and delaying infrastructure improvement.
  • Due to the recent changes that allow extension faculty to be tenured, the Administration is developing a plan for determining the makeup of the college level tenure committee. The Administration is requesting input into this process. A motion was made for the academic affairs subcommittee to draft a recommendation process for determining the makeup of the college promotion and tenure committees. The subcommittee will draft a document by March 22nd for comment via email. The finalized version will be delivered to the Administration by March 28th. The motion was passed.
  • Questions were raised regarding where to vote for your Senate representative if you're located at a center and not your academic home. The Administrators' response was that voting should take place in you academic home.
  • Important upcoming dates
    • CALS and MAFES Faculty and Staff Luncheon: March 28th  
    • CALS ag Alumni Breakfast: April 8th  
    •  CFR Student Award: April 17th
    • Commencement: May 5th

Committees: No reports

  • Academic Affairs:  Simone Hinz, Lurleen Waters, Donna Peterson
  • Ancillary Affairs: Mariah Morgan, Sherill Fleming, Chuo Li
  • Bylaws: John Long
  • Faculty Affairs: Brian Williams, Bisoondat Macoon, David Christiansen, Bindu Nanduri
  • Nominations: Susan Seal
  • Resources: Bindu Nanduri, Jason Gordon
  • Holland Faculty Senate: 

New Business:

  • New senators will be elected between February and April 2017. The Senate needs new members from the following departments: Animal and Dairy Science, Veterinary College Poultry Diagnostic Lab, Delta Research and Extension, Forestry, Plant and Soils Sciences, Sustainable Bioproducts, Wildlife and Fisheries. There was a request for elections to be held within the individual departments.
  • New DAFVM Senate officer elections are scheduled for the April, 13 2017 meeting.

Next meeting: tentatively set for April 13, 2017 1:30 pm Bost 205.

Motion to adjourn made at 2:35. Vote taken, all in favor, motion carried.

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