DAFVM Faculty Senate

Minutes of DAFVM Senate Meeting: May 11, 2017

Attending: Anna Linhoss, Brandi Karisch, Lurleen Walters, Florencia Meyer, Jason Barrett, Bisoondat Macoon, Bindu Nanduri, Simone Hinz, David Christiansen, Sherrill Fleming, Don Cook, Tom Allen, Brittney Oliver, John Willis, Donna Peterson, Julie Parker, Chuo Li, Stephen Meyers, Kelley Wamsley

Excused: Caleb Lemley, Eric Stafne, Mariah Morgan, Kurt Showmaker

Absent: John Long, Brian Williams, Jiaxu Li, Chinling Wang, Ryan Butler, Michael Mauel, Jason Gordon, Scott Samson, Brien Henry, Raja Reddy, Mike Barnes, Wes Neal

Meeting called to order:  1:30 by Chair, Dr. Karisch.

Motion made to accept April 13, 2017 minutes. Vote taken, all in favor, motion carried.

Chair Report:  Dr. Karisch reported on the Extension Department Heads Meeting. 1) Anticipate a request for feedback in August on the evaluation of Extension and Research Associate poitions. 2) Received good feedback regarding DAFVM Senate recommendations on the changes to colleges’ (CALS and CFR) changes to P&T charters to include extension faculty.

Holland Faculty Senate new officers: Brent Fountain, Chair; Randy Follet, VP; Mary Ann Jones, Secretary.

Report from Office of the Vice President:  None

Committee Reports:

Academic Affairs:  Dr. Karisch presented the DAFVM Faculty Senate letters to CALS and CFR P&T Committee Chairs regarding committee formation for the College P&T processes.  The two letters presented three recommendations: 1) the current committees will update their charter, 2) the current committees will be renamed, and 3) the current committee members will resign and new votes will be held to include all faculty. 

No other committee reports.

Old Business:  College P&T Committee makeup recommendations discussed above

New Business:  New DAFVM Faculty Senate Officers.  Jason Barrett, Chair; Donna Peterson, VP; Anna Linhoss, Secretary.

Motion to adjourn:  2:00pm

Next meeting:  August 17, 2017, 1:30 PM



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