Keith H. Coble

  • Department of Agricultural Economics


Dr. Keith Coble is a Giles Distinguished Professor and Head of the Agricultural Economics Department at Mississippi State University where he focuses on agricultural policy and risk analysis a variety of agricultural economics issues. Coble is the President of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) for 2019-2020.  Coble has published 96 scientific research journal articles.  Coble also received the Bruce Gardner Award from the U.S. Department of Agricultural Economists Group for his contribution to USDA policy analysis and he received a Southeastern Conference's Faculty Achievement Award for achievement in research, scholarship, and service.  Coble is a past Chair of the Food & Agricultural Marketing Policy Section of AAEA; Coble served as the Chief Economist for the Minority Staff of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee during the 2013-2014 farm bill debate.


On the research needs in agricultural economics
Coble, K.H. “Relevant and/or Elegant Economics.” Forthcoming in American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

On food supply chains
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On risk management and behavior
Coble, K.H., and J.L. Lusk.  “At the nexus of risk and time preferences: An experimental investigation, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 41, Issue 1 (2010):67-79.

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On food and agricultural policy issues
Miller, J. C. and K.H. Coble, “Cheap Food Policy: Fact or Rhetoric?” Food Policy 32(February 2007):98-111

Collart, A.J., and K. Coble. 2014. Highlights of the Agricultural Act of 2014 for specialty crops. Choices 29(2):1-4. 

Tack, J., K.H. Coble, R, Johansson, A. Harri, and B. J. Barnett, (2019) “The Potential Implications of 'Big Ag Data' for USDA Forecasts.” Applied Economics and Policy Perspectives 41(4):668-681


As the President of the 3000 member Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, I am engaged in a variety of food and agricultural supply chain issues.  I helped organize a recent joint CAST-AAEA report on the implications of COVID-19 for agricultural supply chains.  I continue to work on various agricultural policy issues.  In particular, what role can the government play in managing risk, and what mechanism can be used?  For example, could any of the economic losses from COVID19 have been insurable?  I am currently examining the likely challenges that will face farmers in 2021 given the fall out of COVID19. In a related research area, I continue to consider how data science can be applied to agricultural supply chain problems.

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