Shaun M. Tanger

  • Coastal Research & Extension Center


Dr. Tanger is a forest economist with research and Extension experience in timber market modeling, international trade, forest management and taxation, and policy issues primarily related to the forest products industry. 
His timber market modeling experience deals primarily with examining the changes in supply and demand forces as they impact timber stumpage under a three-product production process and how those feed into lumber production. This work bridges the gap into his forest management research on how landowners make financial and management decisions regarding their forest, which entails taxation strategic decision-making and when to harvest. He also has several publications which utilize input-output modeling to determine connections in the forest products supply chain as well as extending that work to an international trade context.


Timber Market Modeling
Parajuli, R., S. M. Tanger, R. Abt, F. Cubbage. 2019. Subregional timber supply projections with chip-n-saw stumpage: Implications for Southern stumpage markets. Forest Science 65(6):665-669.

Gentimis, T., S. M. Tanger, M. Bampasidou. 2018. Informing long term lumber buying: A decision-making criteria for wood buyers using a simple algorithm. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness 12(3):15-37

Tanger, S. M., R. Parajuli. 2018. Toward an elasticity of chip-n-saw: Demand and supply models of chip-n-saw stumpage in Louisiana. Forests 9(4):122

International Trade 
McConnell, T. E., S. M. Tanger, J. E. Henderson. 2019. International trade's contributions to the United States forest sector and its import-export chain. Journal of Forestry 117(3):210-225

Das, J., S. M. Tanger, P. L. Kennedy, R. Vlosky. 2018. Examining the relationship between regulatory quality and forest products exports to India: A gravity model approach. Forest Products Journal 68(2):172-181

Input-Output Modeling
McConnell, T. E., C. Vanderschaaf, S. M. Tanger. 2019. Potential changes to Louisiana hardwood timber industry economic contributions following emerald ash borer invasion. Journal of Economic Entomology 112(6):2751-2760

Parajuli, R., T. E. McConnell, S. M. Tanger, J. E. Henderson. 2019. Interpreting forestry economic contribution reports: A user's guide. Journal of Extension 57(4).

Parajuli, R., J. E. Henderson, S. M. Tanger, O. Joshi, R. Dahal. 2018. Economic contribution analysis of the forest products industry: A comparison of two methods for multisector contribution analysis using IMPLAN. Journal of Forestry 116(7/8):513-519.

Forest Management
Tanger, S. M., M. A. Blazier, A. G. Holley, T. E. McConnell, C. Vanderschaff, T. Clason, K. C. Dipesh. 2020. Financial performance of diverse levels of early competition suppression and pre-commercial thinning on loblolly pine stand development. New Forests. In Press.

Willis, J., J. Gordon, S. M. Tanger, M. Blazier, A. B. Self, A. Brodbeck. 2019. Managing mixed-stands: Reassessing a forgotten stand type in the Southeastern United States. Forests 10(9):751.


Dr. Tanger’s perhaps most relevant ongoing research relates to supply chain issues regarding the forest products sector and locating risk within the supply chain with regards to severe weather, trade disputes, and of course pandemics such as COVID-19. Also, he is involved in research that will determine the short-term and long-term consequences of COVID-19 on the forest products sector. In doing so he hopes to create better-informed production processes and site locations for wood-using mills in the southeast.

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