DAFVM Policies

The following links will open PDF documents on the Mississippi State University Policies website.

Number Title Date Attachment
56.01 Sharing of Institutional Support Costs by Separately Budgeted Units of the Division of Agriculture Forestry and Veterinary Medicine 04-15-1997 None
56.03 Sharing and Handling of Major Expenses of Jointly Occupied Buildings 08-12-2007 None
56.04 Animals on Campus 10-22-2018 None
56.06 Research, Extension and Clinical Faculty Positions 01-28-2014 None
56.07 Safe Use, Handling Storage Transport and Disposal of Pesticides and Other Toxic Chemicals 08-12-2007 Attachment
56.08 Promotion in Rank & Title of County Extension Agents 08-12-2007 None
56.09 Research and Extension Associates 07-27-2015 None