Brian Sisk

  • March 2020

Brian Sisk
Dairy Processing Plant

Years in position: 6 months
Years at MSU: 6 months

Brian Sisk is a new employee at Mississippi State University who works as a cheesemaker at the Dairy Processing Plant. His day consists of making MSU’s famous cheese, bottling milk, and freezing ice cream.

“When we ship cheese at Christmas, there are a lot of celebrities who order MSU cheese,” Brian said. “It is always fun to see what the celebrities order.

Brian chose MSU to better himself in a friendly environment and to give him a place where he can grow and advance in his career.

“Being a cheesemaker is not just making cheese; it is a strenuous and time-consuming job,” Brian said. “It takes a lot of effort to make the cheese as it is all done by hand.”

The cheesemakers make all of the ice cream, even the little individual cups. Brian and his team also bottle all of the milk that is sold at the MAFES Sales Store. Cheesemakers also deliver ice cream and milk on campus.

Brian advises that being able to listen and retain information in a fast-paced environment is essential for this career. There is not a manual, so an employee must be able to follow instructions given and remember exactly how it was taught to do each process.

Brian is married and has three children. His wife, Katie, is a contracts and grants specialist in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. He previously worked as a fulltime EMT which caused him to be away from home for days on end. Working for MSU has given him a chance to be at home every night with his family.



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