Christine Woodley

  • June 2021

Assistant Teacher
School of Human Sciences
Gaston Point Head Start in Harrison County

Years in position: 7 
Years at MSU: 1 year, 7 months

Christine Woodley has been paying it forward for 7 years. 

As an assistant teacher at Gaston Point Head Start in Harrison County, she wants to have an impact on the lives of the children with whom she works.

“I have a soft spot for children, and some children require just a little more than others for whatever reason,” Woodley said. “I remember my second- and third-grade teacher, and I am still connected to her to this day. I love her so much, and I’m still bonded with her because of the love she showed me those two years I was a part of her class. So, in turn, I want to pay it forward to my own students.”

In the classroom, Woodley helps the lead teacher plan age-appropriate activities that help prepare students for kindergarten. She assists in documenting student development and creates personalized activities and lesson plans to meet each child’s individual needs. Her other duties include behavioral management, input of documentation, and taking care of various forms of paperwork. She also sometimes steps in as lead teacher in the absence of her co-teacher.

Woodley said her favorite part of this job is the children. 

“I enjoy seeing them grow as well as building personal relationships with them,” she said. 
The impact she hopes to have is already evident. 

“I was out quarantined due to an exposure to COVID,” she said. “And when I came back to the classroom, I had two notes from two students in my lesson plan binder. They read, ‘I love you forever.’ I still have those notes tucked away in my daily planner as a constant reminder to me why I do what I do.”

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Woodley has two older sisters and is the youngest grandchild on both sides of her family. She has a 10-year-old son. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and having a good time. 

Her hobbies include anything to do with the arts, including drawing and sketching. She has completed coursework to become a licensed esthetician and loves working with makeup and skincare. She also enjoys church and music.

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