Ali Diamond

  • February 2024

Diagnostic Imaging Intern
MSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Time in position: 6 months

Head, shoulders, knees and toes. As the diagnostic imaging intern at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University, Dr. Ali Diamond has imaged it all.

“We collaborate with clinicians by deciding which imaging modality, such as radiographs, ultrasound, CT or MRI, will be most beneficial in the clinical workup of patients. Then, we use those images to get an idea of what’s going on inside of animals to determine the next best steps,” said Diamond.

As an intern, one of Diamond’s jobs is to assist in positioning animals to acquire high-quality images to be interpreted by the diagnostic imaging team. The hands-on training available at the College of Veterinary Medicine allows Diamond to work side-by-side with the diagnostic imaging team as she transitions into a radiology residency next year.

“The best part is knowing that even as I work in the background, whether or not I ever get to physically see these animals, I can make a difference in their lives through collaboration with other veterinarians who are caring for them,” said Diamond.

Growing up with a love for animals, Diamond wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as she could remember, but only later did she learn of the many specialties within veterinary medicine.

“I found that radiology was a good fit for me and the way that I learn and see things. I am so grateful to be able to continue my training here at MSU to become a radiologist, which I think is the most ‘rad’ job in the world,” said Diamond.

In her free time, Diamond enjoys cooking, crafting, staying active and thrifting unique items.



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